[MOVIE REVIEW] A Werewolf Boy (“Wolf Boy”)




A Werewolf Boy starring Song Joong Ki & Park Bo Young premiered recently in Singapore and I managed to catch it yesterday.

I was expecting the movie to be really good, seeing the response in Korea, as well as my own expectations given the amount of interest the movie gathered before it aired.

However, the movie left me a little disappointed.

Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young’s acting was no doubt flawless, but the story didn’t buy me over. Sadly.
The movie was a little too long and the storyline was pretty much average. I had to admit though that one scene left me tearing a little. However, besides that touching scene, the other scenes in the movie was mediocre.

It was sweet, cute, probably a little touching too, but the story plot just didn’t make the cut for me.


I’ll do a short recap on what the movie is about, so if you want spoilers, go ahead

Park Bo Young suffers from a lung ailment and according to a doctor’s advice, she moved to a countryside with her mom and younger sister for better air.

A young man who used to work with her deceased father bought them the house. He is mean, rude and has hidden agenda towards her.

Park Bo Young seems like a quiet girl at first, and probably a little anti-social. On the night they moved in, she heard a strange sound outside and went to check it out. She was jumped by a certain “something”.

The next day, the neighbors said that it could have been a wolf. As Park Bo Young hung the laundry, she notices someone weird. That someone weird is none other than Song Joong Ki.

As Park Bo Young mother calls the “something” out of his hiding place, they realized it’s a man crawling. They gave him all the potatoes, hoping he’ll go away after he filled his stomach, but to no avail.

Eventually, Song Joong Ki stayed with them. Park Bo Young was reluctant at first, until he helped her on a few occasions. She started getting interested in him and even read up a dog-training book.

They soon began to grow closer.

The young man who had desires for Park Bo Young is angry that she always ignores him. He brings some friends over, intending to hurt Song Joong Ki. He grabs Park Bo Young and tries to force her to go out with him. Song Joong Ki who was watching nearby changed into a werewolf and attacked his friends. Just in time before he rips apart the young guy’s mouth, Park Bo Young told him to “wait”. He calms down and changes back to his human form.

– A few other things happen in between – 

Ultimately, the young man framed Joong Ki for hurting a few people. In the midst of the chaos, the young man kicked Park Bo Young who still refuses to listen to him. Joong Ki changes his form yet again and kills the young man. Everyone looks on with horror. He carry Park Bo Young into the woods.

The next day, Park Bo Young’s mother & the rest of the villages came to look for her. She tells Song Joong Ki not to follow her. Song Joong Ki continued following her, which left her anxious because the others would kill him. She shouts at him telling him that she doesn’t love him and tells him to go away. She even ended up slapping him, while crying at the same time. He manages to say “Don’t go”, which left her even more upset. Eventually, he stops following her.

She wrote a letter and left it for Joong Ki in “his room”.

47 years later, she returns to the house, which she had bought over. There she met him again.

(The movie started out with Park Bo Young being an old lady who returned to the house because someone wanted to buy it over. She stays there for a night with her grand-daughter, recalling the times she stayed there before.)


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