2012 Year End Reviews: Cable wins over Big 3

The year has ended, and I actually wanted to write up this post much earlier, but couldn’t find enough time to do so. Now that the year-end drama awards show has also ended, it’s not quite a bad timing to write up this post.

Year end awards show are pretty fake all the time – but this year the awards show are very dry for me. It was as though there weren’t much good dramas coming from the BIG3 (MBC, SBS, KBS). Actually most of my favorite dramas this year comes from cable (Tvn, Ocn, etc).

Let’s cut to the chase shall we?




My personal favorites in 2012 is a draw between Shut Up Flower Boy Band & Answer Me 1997.  I thought both dramas did really well – both in storyline & characterizations. Both dramas were refreshing and new to watch, and had very interesting characters.

I loved the bromance in SUFBB, and I loved the friendship in AM1997. AM1997 probably scores a little higher than SUFBB, but I loved SUFBB as much as I do with AM1997 so it’s a draw. There’s so many things to talk about after AM1997 and not really much things to discuss about after SUFBB – but weirdly, I love them the same.

AM1997 is an example of a high-school romance done right. It’s just too cute beyond words – and that fangirling thing? My gashhh~ it’s so realistic~! HAHAHA!

Personally, I think 2012 has very little impressive dramas. There were a few good ones – but not exactly marvelous.

Notable dramas which aired in 2012, which I enjoyed, though not necessarily loved (My personal list):

King 2 Hearts (The pairings are perfect) , Queen In Hyun’s Man (Sweet time-travelling love story), Padam Padam, Nice Guy , Big (I still hate the ending – but I can’t deny I love the chemistry the main leads had), Arang & the Magistrate, Moon Embraces the Sun, Vampire Prosecutor 2, Bridal Mask.

Of course there are other dramas like Rooftop Prince, I DO I DO, Haeundae Lovers, etc…I did watched them, but honestly I couldn’t get pass a few episodes. Some I dropped halfway, some I gave up before the last few episodes, and some I could barely watch – but still managed to finish them.

I think 2012 was a year for the cable dramas – because they did aired a few really good dramas and the BIG3 kind of failed on me in 2012. Let’s hope 2013 will bring in more better dramas & more new, refreshing stories~! 🙂

(NOTE: Dramas like King of Dramas, etc which is still airing in 2013 – I didn’t include them as 2012 dramas.)

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