Goodbye to School 2013~!


School 2013 ended it’s run last week, and I finally managed to watch the last episode. I’m sad to see this drama end.

I still remember the moment when I decided to watch this drama. I was hesitating whether it would be good, and even though I am fond of both Jang Nara & Daniel Choi, I really didn’t want to watch them in a drama together. They look cute together, but there’s just something missing. I remembered them in another drama together where they fell in love. It was cute but it just didn’t have the trill factor? HAHAHA. I don’t know what to call it. It’s not chemistry…but I can’t just put a finger on what is it.

However, after reading some good reviews and the first episode recap, I decided to give it a try because it’s been quite a while since I last watched a high-school drama. Of course, bonus points since the students are so cute.

School 2013 is really good. It’s not perfect, there’s flaws and it could have been better – but it managed to pull me along.

The winning factor is probably the bromance between Go Nam Soon & Park Heung Soo. Their story was a painful one – but it was beautiful to watch them slowly coming to terms with everything and finally mending their relationship. 

The other students stories are also interesting to watch. The thing about this drama is that it brings in problems which are very realistic. It’s things which happens occasionally in school – real problems.  I’m sad that it ended so soon and that not all students had a chance to have a story.

Anyway, I was happy with the ending. The class advanced to Class 3, but students are still conflicted about what to do in the future. As for Jung Ho, I think he didn’t turn up right at the end. He changed, he tried, but sometimes there is really nothing much you can do. The teachers didn’t give up on him – they waited. So basically, I think they’re trying to say that the teachers will wait, they won’t let go of your hand. Jung Ho can’t go to school like others, but he understood friendship  and he learnt a lot of things and changed.

In conclusion, I think this drama is really beautiful. It’s a little regretful that there are no lovelines, but I guess it’s for the better because this drama is very focused. If it had lovelines inside, the drama might be heading off to a whole different direction.

I’m going to miss the students~!!!

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One thought on “Goodbye to School 2013~!

  1. To me, this drama is so great. Instead of showing a traditional love story, School 2013 gave us student stories. It’s pure and white.
    There’s love between students, students and teachers, but it’s not like a couple’s love.
    School 2013 is a new side about school.

    At the end of the drama, there’s an opened ending. We will write the next part as our imaging. Maybe, there means school is always thhe second home, willing waiting for U no matter who you are.

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