That winter the wind blows is a currently airing drama, about two people who don’t believe in love. I watched this yesterday, and I was pleased with the first two episodes.

Oh Soo lives his life full of risks – gambling, fraud, etc. He also sleeps around. Oh Young is a heiress who is blind (Maybe not blind after all? We have to keep watching). Oh Soo has 2 close friends – Oh Soo (they share the same name) and Park Jin Sung. Oh Soo (his friend) is the brother of Oh Young – but was separated when young, when their parents divorce.

One day Oh Young decides to look for her brother Oh Soo, but meets with the other Oh Soo instead. He helps her read the letter Oh Soo (his friend) send. Their encounter is cut short when the police come looking for him. He runs, and his friend Oh Soo saw him when he was returning and ran after him. Oh Young receives a call that her father is in critical condition.

Spoilers ahead

As Oh Soo ran from the police, his friend Oh Soo ran after him. They ran across the road – but his friend Oh Soo, got into an accident. Oh Soo stopped running. He was speechless. Oh Young reaches the scene soon – but to call for a taxi. Oh Soo watches the scene in pain – while being held by the police.

1 year later.

Let’s keep this short. HAHA. So 1 year later, Oh Soo is being chased around for 7.8 million – and Oh Young’s family lawyer is looking for the other Oh Soo (who died). Oh Soo decides to be her brother so that he can get the money.

I think that the future episodes will be pretty interesting. Anyway episode 2 ended when Oh Young tells Oh Soo to push her into the oncoming train if he’s here for money. If she dies, he can get all the money.

It’s fun because as you watch Oh Soo waste his life away, he met a girl who doesn’t fear death. It’s as if he is forever ranting that he has no reason to live, etc and doesn’t care what happens to him (but actually deep inside he does want to live) and he met with a girl who has everything but no will to live.

I hope the drama keeps on with this pace and mood – because I like how the drama is moving 🙂

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  1. Thought I was the only one who didn’t like it… and I am LOL. I think having seen the movie has led me to compare the two (inevitably). So now I’m left judging the poor drama harshly. I have super high standards as to what I want to see in the drama that each time it doesn’t happen or is changed, I roll my eyes in frustration. But I love the actors, especially Zo In Sung, he’s HOT! And my dear Kim Beom. I’ll keep watching and try to forget about the movie for the hour LOL.

  2. In case you got the wrong idea, I actually liked it. Hahaha. However, I was just wasn’t sure if I’ll still like it at the end of it’s run since there are many things which we can’t tell yet. I didn’t know it was adapted from a movie, which was adapted from a J-drama. LOL. I know now. Maybe because I didn’t catch the film or the j-drama so there was no comparison. But since I know now, maybe I’ll catch the movie or j-drama. Thanks a lot 🙂

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