Movie Review: Love 911 (“Bandage”)

2012 - Love 911 (Main Poster)

I just finished watching Love 911 starring Han Hyo Joo & Go Soo. I actually wanted to wait for the English subs, but it looks like it’s going to take a long time before someone sub it, thus I decided to just watch it.

It’s a nice movie overall. It was funny, with some touching scenes. I’ll do a brief recap about the movie, and it will contain spoilers.

If you don’t want to read spoilers but want to know my opinion – I’ll tell you what I think of this movie. I like it a lot. It was a good mix of humor, romance & some serious tones as well.


Kang Il is a firefighter who lost his wife, while out on a rescue mission. Mi Soo is a doctor who is straight-forward with her words and will most probably come across as rude.

Mi Soo attends to a patient and dismissed her illness – which caused her to be brain-dead (something like that – roughly). The husband acted in a violent manner in the hospital, in which Kang Il stopped him. Mi Soo’s job is in danger because of her mistake. She’s told that if Kang Il sues the husband for violence, it will help her case.

She tries to convince Kang Il to sue the husband – in which Kang Il strongly refuses. When all her plans fail, she decided to join the firefighter as well.

As various incidents occur, they fell in love. However, Mi Soo gets a rude awakening when the husband of the patient decided to commit suicide. She manages to save him.

Mi Soo comes clean to Kang Il that it was her mistake – but she can’t admit it. Once she does, she have to give up her career which she started because of her dad. Mi Soo asks him what if she can’t do it – Kang Il says that he refuses to stay by her side.

A building is crashing down. The firefighters are out on a rescue mission. Someone is stuck and Kang Il decides to save him. He urges his friends to leave first. The building collapses. Mi Soo hears the news over the radio.

Okay! That’s it. AHAHAHA. Too much spoilers is not fun.

Overall, I really liked the tone & vibe of the story. I thought it was funny and touching. CUTE.


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