K-DRAMA: Gu Family Book


Fantasy saguek, Gu Family Book starring Lee Seung Gi & Bae Suzy, have you watched it yet?

I like the genre, but drama-wise, I’m not quite sold yet on this drama. I actually love the character Wol Ryung (played by Choi Jin Hyuk), who is such an adorable geek when in love. However, sadly he was betrayed by his wife (Lee Yeon Hee). I’m glad that Lee Yeon Hee died off from the drama.

I don’t hate her, but her acting is really mediocre. I’m not too fond of Suzy being the lead actress as well actually, but I guess I’ll give her a break because the drama is just warming up right now. I love Lee Seung Gi, but he still seems a little bit dorky to me, and I think he pick too many dorky roles for his dramas, I’m kind of sick seeing him play that.

I hope that I could see a character turn in the later episodes, and I’m just so excited to see Wol Ryung back on screen, and hopefully evil. Choi Jin Hyuk should be in more dramas and playing lead roles. He’s such a cutie.


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One thought on “K-DRAMA: Gu Family Book

  1. I wasn’t thrilled with the first couple of episodes either. But it does warm up. And hopefully that warming up will continue. 🙂

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