NAIL SHOP PARIS: Episode One Recap


Nail Shop Paris is a new drama from MBC Queen, airing every Friday and scheduled for 10 episodes. 2 episodes have aired so far. The drama centers around Hong Yeo Joo, who dress up as a boy to work in a nail shop which hires only males.

It’s not like she’s into nails – she’s a writer and she’s looking for inspiration to write after her last story received negative feedback. In the shop, we have a lady boss and 3 pretty boy manicurists.

I’ll do a written recap of the first episode (with no pictures – unless I decide to put in a few pictures for fun). I’m not sure if I’ll continue to do recaps for the drama. That will depend of the show and my time.

(Sorry – but the alignment of the pictures are a bit out of place, and I’m too lazy to fix it. Just bear with it.)

Episode One starts off with a scholar who is running in secret. He meets this lady who he loves, and is about to kiss her, when someone hunts them down, or rather her down. She turns out to be a gumiho and she decides to give up when the hunter holds the scholar hostage. The hostage decides to kill himself – and the scene stops there.

It’s actually Hong Yeo Joo (Park Gyuri) talking with someone who is interested in her story. He decides to sign a contract with her – until his secretary whisper to him that the story is actually receiving bad reviews and he stops her just in time from signing the contract. He tells her to come back with a new story and one without plagiarism.

Yeo Joo confides in her friend, Ji Soo (Han So Young), who tells her to write a story based on a real person instead.

Yeo Joo is at a train station as she observes the people around her. One man caught her attention as he held off a stranger who was holding a girl, with a knife at her neck. The man is none other than, Alex (Jun Ji Hoo). Yeo Joo decides to follow him.


She enters the nail shop – and to her surprise, finds out that he’s a manicurist. At first she was shocked, but she realized that there’s no other story which has a male protagonist who is a manicurist. She notices that the shop is currently hiring intern – and one of the requirement is it has to be a male.

Yeo Joo asks her friend to help her dress up as a man so that she can work there and get to know her character better.




As she steps inside the shop, she mentioned that she’s looking for a job and Jin (Cheon Doong) shows her the way to the lady boss office. As she walk, she took out her phone to snap pictures of Alex, which Kay (Song Jae Rim) saw.

She gets the job. The next day, she was shown where her locker is. She decides to check out Alex’s locker, and is caught by Kay again. She quickly runs off and Kay eyes her suspiciously.

Yeo Joo tries to find out what Alex likes to do – the soap he uses, the drinks he like, etc.

A couple visits the shop – and the husband told the wife to get her nails done. His wife was reluctant at first, thinking that the manicurists would hate people like them. She took out her hands and the guys looked taken aback for a while. However, they quickly reassure her.

Alex told the husband to have a talk with him outside. Alex listened as the husband tells him their story, about how he never gave her a proper ring or wedding and that he wanted to but met with an accident and couldn’t buy a ring.

The wife decides to leave after the basic care, and Alex didn’t insist. Instead, he tricks them by saying that they won a special prize of a free manicure the next evening, to the delight of the couple.

Lady boss arranged Alex & Kay to plan for the special event, and they worked overnight. Yeo Joo came in to work the next day and met Alex. She mentioned that he must be tired from working late, and he plays with her hair, making Yeo Joo all nervous.


She went inside the locker room to find Kay, who is pasting the ‘salonpas’ at his back. She decides to change in the toilet, which Kay find amusing. Before she is able to leave the room, Kay asked her to help him with one of the pas. She hesitates before roughly sticking it at his back.

He saw her recorder, and is about to pick it up when she panics and almost fell. Kay manages to hold her – which she panicked yet again. LOL. She quickly leaves the room and left Kay bewildered.

The couple arrives at the shop – and they do a special manicure for the wife. She is pleased.

After work, the four of them heads of to a cafe and meet their friend, Woo Min (Byun Woo Min). He does tarot readings and asks Yeo Joo to pick out a card.

Woo Min says that Yeo Joo is hiding something – and she denies it when the three of them eyes her suspiciously. Jin tells her to ignore Woo Min. Woo Min wonders if it’s a love triangle instead.

The four of them went on to drink and Yeo Joo tries to hold her liquor. Jin tells her to keep drinking and they get sleepover at Alex’s place. Yeo Joo grabs the chance as she can see Alex’s house.

Back in Alex’s place, all are sound asleep. Yeo Joo walks around the house with her recorder and saying things about Alex’s personality. As she closes the fridge, Kay was standing beside it, much to her shocked.

Kay drags her to the balcony and asked what was she doing snooping around Alex. He asks awkwardly if she was gay, and she denies everything and ran back inside the house. Kay wonders by himself why is Yeo Joo so weird as though he’s a girl, and he thought of something.

The next day, Yeo Joo arrives at the shop and saw a coffee cup outside. It was still warm so she brought it in. Alex saw the cup and asked if it was for him, and he just snatches it from her. Jin was having a hangover, and they teased him. Kay tells Yeo Joo to follow him.

Kay brought Yeo Joo to a storage room, and tells her to move the boxes. She asks if she was supposed to move all of it, and Kay mentions that even though she is small but she is still a man. Yeo Joo couldn’t argue that and tells him that she can do it. As she carried one of the box, they heard Jin shouting.

They ran back inside the shop to see that Alex is on the floor in pain. They asked what happened, and Jin mentions that Alex fainted after drinking the coffee Yeo Joo gave. Lady Boss opened up the coffee cup and said that it’s not coffee but glue. Kay grabs Yeo Joo and shouts at her. Lady Boss tells Kay to calm down and check the CCTV while they sent Alex to the hospital.

Kay and Yeo Joo check out the CCTV and saw that the lady who left the drink there, was none other than a regular of the shop, Tae Hee.


Overall, I thought the drama was okay. The concept is not really original, but it’s not exactly copied off from somewhere. Personally, I’m not a fan of Park Gyuri and I think her acting is mediocre. Of course, she’s not to be blamed as she’s still considered pretty new to acting. I’m surprised at Cheon Doong though. His acting is not that bad for an idol – or maybe it’s because his role is not that difficult to portray yet as of now.

Anyway, the drama gives sort of a j-drama feel as well. I say it this way is because the nail shop comforts the people who comes to the shop. There’s no big drama-mama.

However, I’ve watched episode 2 as well (I might or might not be doing a recap). There might just be something in this drama. I’m not mentioning it here because it might be a spoiler, but I’ll mention it at the next recap if I write one, or I’ll mention it during a drama review.

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