I’m back with Episode 2 of NAIL SHOP PARIS. As I’ve mentioned previously, this drama has a similar concept of a j-drama. I think they’re going to keep going this way. In every episode, or maybe every two episode, there would be customers who visit the shop, and the four of them will try their best to make them happy – or solve their problems.

It’s not that I have something against these kinds of drama – but it’s just weird for a k-drama to have this concept. The last k-drama I watched with this concept was The Manny (or the nanny). It was so weird and downright boring that I gave up after a few episodes.

I’m not giving up on this yet, because it doesn’t seem to be as straight-forward as it is. It’s not simply about girl dress up as boy and fall in love. The characters are interesting – and there might even be gumiho involved.

For the future episodes and this episode, I will not do a full recap. I will skip the part about the “solving customers problem” part because it’s not very interesting, honestly. I’ll keep it straight to the point.

All of them are in the hospital – and Alex is not surprised that Tae Hee is behind the coffee incident. Kay asked if he already knew beforehand. It turns out that Tae Hee had confessed to Alex that she likes him, but he rejected her and told her to stop coming to the shop. Jin tries calling Tae Hee but she doesn’t pick up the phone.


Yeo Joo glances at Kay who shoots her “What?” with a defensive tone. Yeo Joo tells him it’s okay (because he was suspicious of her) and she knows that he won’t apologize, so she’ll just pretend he did. Kay smiles adorably.

The next day, Yeo Joo found Alex’s wallet on the floor and picks it up. As she was looking through the wallet, Jin comes in. Yeo Joo dropped her recorder, and Jin asks what is that. She answers back defensively that it’s a recorder. Jin asks if she store weird moaning sound inside. HAH.

Alex arrived to work and Yeo Joo tells him that if it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t have gone through that. He tells her not to blame herself and plays with her hair. She gets excited and walk off.

Kay waited outside Tae Hee’s house. Tae Hee follows him back to the salon – and her husband saw her leaving with a man. Tae Hee apologizes to Alex, who tells her that it’s okay.

In the meantime, Yeo Joo takes care of Tae Hee’s child.

Yeo Joo accompanies Alex to the hospital, probably for a check up, and they’re about to leave the hospital when they saw Tae Hee being wheeled inside the hospital. She was being abused by her husband – despite her denying it. Husband and wife started arguing.

Back in the shop, everyone wants to help the couple except for Kay. Kay angrily mentions that both husband and wife are the same and that they’re only making things difficult for the kid. He gets pissed off and went off.


It turns out that his parents were both having an affair, and that he himself witnessed his mother with another man.


Yeo Joo enters the room and asks if he is okay. He ignores her. She opens up her locker to take her uniform, and Kay asked if she’s going to change in the bathroom again. He stands up to face her and tells her to stop having an interest in him (more of stop being so curious about me – like mind your own business).

He tells her that he is still suspicious of her. He grabs her chin and turn her head left and right – saying that she looks like a girl sometime. Yeo Joo pushes him away and say that she’s not interested in him. Alex & Jin enters the room, and Jin suggests that they go to the sauna. Alex ask Yeo Joo if she’s okay with it. Yeo Joo tries to get away, but changes her mind as Kay eyes her suspiciously again.

They head over to the sauna. Yeo Joo asks about Tae Hee, and Kay tells her to not worry about them. She mentions that Tae Hee is like family and Kay gets irritated. He goes off to the bath area. Yeo Joo asks Alex why is Kay being that way, and Alex mention that he must have his own reasons. Alex tells Yeo Joo that the three of them are working at the shop, not because they like it – they each have their own reasons.

Jin tells them to get in the bath area and Yeo Joo says that she is sleepy and will sleep for a bit before going in. Once all of them have gone in, she left the sauna.

The next day, Yeo Joo has a slight cold. Alex and Kay arrives at the shop, and Alex asked what happened (as she left without informing them). She said that it’s better to sleep at home. He realizes she’s down with a flu, and goes to prepare tea for her. Kay asks her if she left because she’s really tired – her answer? A sneeze in his face.

Tae Hee’s kid call up the shop, saying that his mother is missing. Kay is left taking care of the kid, while Alex and the husband look for Tae Hee. Kay comforts the kid – telling him that he has to take responsibility for his own life. They grow closer.

Jin tells Yeo Joo to take the new sample from the lady boss’s office. She goes in the office to find it empty. She saw that the cabinet was opened, and there was a necklace inside.


Before she could do anything, lady boss arrives and she left panicking.

That night, after everyone left, Yeo Joo tries to sneak in the lady boss’s room. However, she bumps into Tae Hee, who tells her that it was Alex’s plan to hide away for a while.

*Tae Hee storyline with her husband*

After Tae Hee and her husband resolve their bitterness, everyone is happy for them. The four of them goes over to drink at Woo Min’s. Woo Min tells them that a new story has came up from “that site”. Yeo Joo asked Jin what is he talking about and Jin explains that there’s this fantasy writer whom Woo Min likes. Woo Min continue to praise the writer – that they way she writes about gumiho is as though she came across one before. Kay says that it’s impossible. Yeo Joo ask for the author’s name and is left speechless as he answers – Hong Yeo Joo.

Woo Min mentions that the shop lights are still on when he passed by earlier. Yeo Joo offered to go back and shut it off. As she enters the shop, lady boss is there. Lady boss tells Yeo Joo they need to talk – as to what was Yeo Joo doing at the shop in the middle of the night (the day she bumped into Tae Hee).


I like it that they added depth to the characters – like Kay for example. I’m pretty sure the other characters will have their own time to shine in the later episodes.

What’s most interesting about this episode is the necklace and the ladyboss. For those who have watched episode one, Yeo Joo mentioned that she met a gumiho when she was young, who saved her in the mountains. Though it sounded ridiculous in episode 1, things changes here in episode 2.

We get to see the necklace, and the ladyboss is definitely hiding something – could she really be a gumiho?!

Besides that, I like the fact that Kay is forever suspicious of Yeo Joo – and I hope that he’s the first one to find out that she’s a girl. There’s just something about him that grows on me.

Let’s hope that the future episodes cut down on the unnecessary “problem solving” storyline, and get their storyline moving along instead. We only have 10 episodes!

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