If there was a drama ranking system, I would move this drama up 10 places just for this episode alone. Unlike the first two episodes, which I had mixed feelings for, I absolutely loved this episode.

Things take a cute turn, and the one to find out she’s a girl first is someone I least expected. Well, there might be a further twist in the later episodes, but we’ll leave that for later.

As from now, I will not be uploading pictures together with my recaps. And as I’ve said, my recaps will be straight-forward, and won’t be focused too much on the customer’s life. I might include some pictures (very minimal) just for the fun of it – but don’t expect too much.


Looking at where we left off, Yeo Joo tells ladyboss that she left her phone at the shop, that’s why she was at the shop the other night. The ladyboss dismisses it, but I bet she doesn’t buy that excuse.

Yeo Joo turns up later than the others at the shop. Kay teases her again (with a super adorable face), and Alex helped her fix her hair. Yeo Joo bought liver for ladyboss – which ladyboss rejected.

Yeo Joo is frustrated as to why ladyboss doesn’t like liver (gumihos are supposed to like liver). Jin calls her out as she has a visitor. Her friend visited to hand her the keys as she’ll be home late that day. Jin looks on and asks Yeo Joo if they’re dating, to which she denies. He asks her to introduce them. HAH.

A female customer walks in and asks for red manicure. Jin asks if she wants coffee, to which she nodded. He went on to ask, “what about the guy that came with you?” – and everyone looked at him. Kay asks him what he’s talking about and Jin looks around to find no one, and quickly apologize.

The next day, Yeo Joo bought the ladyboss squid to test her again. She waited around the door to see if ladyboss would eat is and is being caught by Kay – who asked if she changed target.

Kay tells Yeo Joo to clean the upper shelve – to which Jin finds weird as Kay is obviously bullying Yeo Joo, and he’s having fun.

The female customer return with her boyfriend, who requested a change of nail color. Jin stares into space.

*customer story*

It turns out that Jin is the son of a shaman (WOW. Interesting.) Yeo Joo overhears him talking to his mother, and doesn’t know how to comfort him as he looked down.

She sits at the shop quietly, to which Alex saw. Alex decided to do her nails for her, and halfway through, she pulled her hands away. Alex put on a plaster for her.

The next day, Yeo Joo sits in front of Jin and tells him that she’ll always be beside him, which he hilariously replied whether she has a crush on him. They both received a knock on the head by Kay and sent out to wash the brushes. While washing, Jin tells Yeo Joo to get drunk and vent her anger on Kay – throw a few punches, curse a little and after that all will be okay.

That night, Yeo Joo left the shop early and went to drink. She calls up Kay. She rants at Kay that if he has a problem with her, he should punch her. The funny thing is that – she’s really drunk!

vlcsnap-2013-05-14-20h02m25s119vlcsnap-2013-05-14-20h03m07s29She talks to a tree – thinking that it’s Kay. Kay tells her that he’s standing “here” (at another spot). She went up to Kay and asks why is he so tall. She went over to a bollard and stand above it and tells Kay to punch her.



Kay stops his fist in front of her face and asks if she’s scared. She ‘faints’ (or rather sleep – you know the drunkards) and Kay catches her from falling.

vlcsnap-2013-05-14-20h03m39s89vlcsnap-2013-05-14-20h03m41s110vlcsnap-2013-05-14-20h04m02s63vlcsnap-2013-05-14-20h04m08s124vlcsnap-2013-05-14-20h04m10s145vlcsnap-2013-05-14-20h04m18s225As he catches her from falling, her lips brushed against him – to which he was disgusted with. He realized that Yeo Joo was wearing something weird in her jacket and laughs it off as she’s up to a lot of weird things.

The next day, she woke up to find herself at the shop. Kay offers her a drink and says that she was the one acting suspiciously. Kay couldn’t get her lips out of his mind. HAHA!

*customer story*

After they settled things, Jin and Yeo Joo sat outside the shop and chatted. Jin mentioned how he didn’t want to be like his mother and that he ran away from someone he loved. Yeo Joo tells him to fix things with his mother – to which he joking say if she’s going to introduce her friend if he does as she says.

Yeo Joo is at home, with her friend and she tells her friend to not finish up the tuna. However, her friend is eating up the last can of tuna and tells Yeo Joo she’ll head out to buy.

Jin arrives at Yeo Joo’s house and the door is unlocked. He wonders if she’ll be angry at him coming without informing her. He sits on the floor after calling out ‘Bunny’ a few times, with no response.

Yeo Joo’s friend came home and shouts, wondering who is he. Jin immediately stands up, and Yeo Joo steps out of the shower, wondering what the commotion is about.


To her shock, it’s Jin. She shouts and her towel fall and Jin shouts as well.



As I’ve said, I loved this episode. It showed a little bit more details of the characters in the drama and I liked the fact that Jin is a son of a shaman. I mean – you don’t get that everyday from a drama, unless it’s a saguek.

Kay is being such an adorable bully and I just love him. He’s too funny.

This episode is also about a ghost who’s haunting a customer – which is something I find very surprising. I never thought they’ll even think of using ghost as a problem.  It’s just weirdly surprising – which is a good thing.

I don’t know about ladyboss – but she might just be a gumiho as she avoid eating those stuff Yeo Joo bought.

I can’t wait for next episode as it looks like Jin found out her identity, and Kay is having a cute crush on her. I bet I’m in for some laughs. I hope the next episode’s customer problem is as interesting as this episode’s.

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