Last episode, I said that I’ll move up this drama up 10 places. However, with this episode, I’m going to shift it back down 50 places.

This episode was full of the unnecessary yet again, and plot-wise is not moving anywhere. The only good thing about this episode was the last 1 minute.

For this episode, I’m just going to do a brief recap or rather a summary. It wasn’t that fun for me to want to recap it.


So Jin found out that Yeo Joo is a girl and he starts dating Ji Soo. Throughout this episode, there was really nothing special at all.

At the shop, ladyboss went to attend a seminar – and Yeo Joo picks up the necklace which has “Made In China” label. However, ladyboss left the necklace so obviously – so she’s probably putting a fake necklace there. Most probably, if she was a real gumiho, she’s trying to clear Yeo Joo’s suspicions.

Yeo Joo dresses up as a girl to become a model for Kay’s competiton. There’s nothing very interesting here either.

Alex has a severe pain in the tummy and is being sent to the hospital.

Yeo Joo likes Alex and tries to steal a kiss from him – and Kay witnesses the scene.



This episode was a real bummer.  In the first place, I never expected anything for this drama. However, I started on it just for the fun of it – maybe it could have something good for me. I sat through the first two episodes, not really feeling very good about the story, but I thought it might be better.

In the 3rd episode, I thought that it might just be good after all – looking at how they included shamans and stuff. You know? Maybe they’ll give us that mystery kind of story. Like a fantasy genre.

However, with this episode, I felt a lot more worse than the first two episodes. The “customers” story is getting really ridiculous and I don’t see any point in it all all. I just wish they move on and give us some plot developments.

There’s only 10 or 12 episodes, and wasting 4 episodes on nothing special is just  – bleh?

Anyway, looks like in the next episode there might be more of Kay-Yeo Joo, and I really do hope that they develop more of the characters’ story rather than some pointless cameos.

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