Nail Shop Paris Episode 5

I’m not going to recap any more of Nail Shop Paris episodes, unless they give me something good to write about. This episode is utterly boring, and I’m really running out of patience.

I really don’t know what this drama is supposed to be about. Is it supposed to be about the shop? Or Gumihos?

The characterizations in this drama is BAD BAD BAD. The sub plots are mediocre, and I don’t even know the main story of the drama.

There are only 10 episodes, and we’re halfway through, but I don’t know what the hell am I watching. Is it a drama supposed to be about Yeo Joo becoming a writer and falling in love? No. is it a drama about gumihos? No. I don’t know. There is a suspicious character, but no we don’t know if she’s a gumiho. Is it a drama about this nail shop who helps customers? I don’t know. The nail shop does helps various customers every episode – but if you tell me this drama is all about THAT, I’m telling you, this drama is crap.

What happened to the main characters of the story?!

I gave the drama points for giving us the back-story of Jin and maybe a slight peek at Kay’s. If this was a weekend drama going for 50 episodes, I’ll forgive them for being this slow in properly showing us their characters. However, this is only a 10 episode drama and we still do not know our characters that well.

There’s no emotional attachment at all.

It feels like the main story of this drama is all about the customers – and the gumiho or whatever else is all sub plots. It’s just so wrong.

If it was a 10 episode drama, the script should have been better, and much more focused. I mean, how can you mess up a 10 episode drama? I’m not saying that I’m any better, but since it’s their profession, they should try harder.

Why am I still watching this drama if I hate it this much?

Because it’s 10 episodes long. I guess I can endure 10 episodes of nonsense for the little bits of Kay. I find Kay really adorable in the drama – and I’m really just watching to see him on screen. Of course, I really want to see what this drama is trying to tell us, or rather what the main point of the show is.

In case you’re curious what happened in this episode, oh well….we have a lot of nothing, and Kay gets worried about Yeo Joo when he was almost beaten up. The end. Kay’s cute. Drama’s bad. The end.


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