FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Dating Agency Cyrano & Shark

I’ll just do a short first impression review of the latest Mon-Tue addition (excluding Heartless City, which I’ve already blog about).


I loved the first two episodes. It was funny and cute, and was a little bit mysterious as well. I’ve accepted Sooyoung as an actress since I saw her in Third Hospital, and she’s doing good so far. I’m really surprised by Chunhee’s character though. He’s a restaurant owner – but there’s more to that. It looks like he’s a “loanshark” as well. HAHA. Nahh~ I think he has a grudge against the male lead. I do hope that the future episodes will remain just as light-hearted and fun.


I wasn’t excited about this drama, firstly because it’s a revenge melo (Boring…), and secondly because of the leads. I’m not a huge fan of both Kim Nam Gil & Son Yejin – though I do like certain characters they’ve played in the past. I liked Kim Nam Gil in Queen Seon Duk, and I liked Son Yejin in Chilling Romance.

However, I never liked Son Yejin playing the “melo” part. Somehow it just turns me off. And for Kim Nam Gil to do a revenge melo, just reminds me of Bad Guy which was really disappointing. I don’t even know why he picked out a similar character.

There are many good reviews about Shark, but sadly, I’m not sold yet on this drama. I barely sat through the first two episodes because it was really boring. Aren’t k-dramas sick yet of the “I’m Rich & Corrupted and will do anything I want” kind of thing? I mean – if you want to go for dark and gloomy, it will take more of just than rich people killing off people in secret.

It just makes me love Heartless City even more, because it’s darker and much more interesting. We have the real bad guys, real criminals – not bad guys who have a good figure disguise.

I’m not saying that Shark is bad – it’s just that the first two episodes are nothing to rave about. It’s the same old backstory. Whether or not it will be good, is yet to be proved by the upcoming episodes.

Oh well, time will tell which drama is worth the ride, but I’m betting everything I have on Heartless City.

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