Heartless City Episode One


I’ve been excited about this drama for quite a while, and now that this drama has finally aired, I’m pleased to say that it has exceeded my expectations. The first episode is dark and bloody and I’m so excited for the upcoming episodes.

I would love to do a recap for this drama – but I don’t have time on my hand for that, and my laptop recently crashed. I’m using my brother’s laptop in the meantime.

This drama looks like it’s going to be an awesome ride and perhaps someone out there will do a recap of it. I won’t be able to do a recap, but I might do a short summary, or a point-of-view discussion of each episode.

For now, let’s talk about episode one

Jung Kyung Ho makes a cool appearance in the drama at the rooftop, after killing an undercover cop (most probably he killed him). His nickname is “Doctor” (or Doctor’s Son). His character name will be Shi Hyun.

The mood of episode one starts off gloomy with the death of an undercover cop. Ji Hyeong Min (Lee Jae Yoon) joins back the police force as a team leader to a special unit to take down “Scale”, the head of a drug organization.

We are introduced to his girlfriend, who is also in the police force. She treats Soo Min (Nam Gyu Ri) as a little sister, but we’re still not aware of their relationship. Soo Min seems to have feelings (might be good feelings or bad feelings) towards Hyeong Min as she looked a little pissed with Gf visits her with Hyeong Min.

Doctor/Shi Hyun refuses to deposit money into Scale’s account and he asks for 40% of profit instead. Scale got all angry and ordered people to kill Doctor/ Shi Hyun.

Doctor/ Shi Hyun together with his friend, Soo, tries to take down the men. It’s either they kill or get killed. To get to Scale, Meth Kim is the one who is aware of his location.

The police got hold of Scale’s location. Doctor/Shi Hyun tells everyone to go back to their normal positions. He drives to the location alone, which the police are already stationed for an ambush.

Meth Kim arrives at the location with the boys, and Hyeong Min tells every body to stay still until further instructions. As Meth Kim walks through a narrow walkway, Doctor/ Shi Hyun comes from behind and starts killing everyone (not everyone died – but it sure looks deadly). Only Meth Kim is left.

The police hears a gunshot, and Hyeong Min tells all units to move in. He is shocked to see that everyone is taken down. He starts chasing a car which left the scene, but lost it. He is surprised that one person can take down all the men in just 20 minutes. He realizes that this man is not an organization. He’s planning  a coup and wants to take down Scale.

Doctor/ Shi Hyun goes to where Scale (at a karaoke room with his son) is and asks if he had enough of singing.


I loved, loved, loved this pilot episode. It was dark, bloody and gloomy. Jung Kyung Ho plays a dark character who doesn’t really seems evil – but he’s bad. He worked hard to get his current position and he’s not letting anyone take that away from him. He’s bold and daring, to the point that he doesn’t give a damn. It’s either he get it all or he just die. He’s not settling for less.

Lee Jae Yoon plays a police officer, who looks friendly and nice enough, but when it comes to work, he’s all serious. It might all change once his girlfriend dies, but we’ll have to wait and see.

There wasn’t much of Nam Gyu Ri, but this episode did manage to squeeze her in. She works in a convenience store, and came across Doctor/Shi Hyun, when he came to buy a band-aid and left a check (or huge bill), and just left.

Anyway, I like this overall vibe I’m getting and it feels like Time Between Dog & Wolf – but better and much darker.

I really want to watch episode 2 right now, but it’s almost 2am right now, and I need to be up early tomorrow. Will be back with a POV Discussion 🙂


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