POV DISCUSSION: Heartless City Episode 2

I’m back with a point-of-view discussion on Heartless City Episode 2. This episode continue to be just as good as episode one. We have smart cops, smart baddies and smarter baddies.

It’s fun watching who will outwit the other. I’ll do a short recap on this episode – without screencaps, because it takes too long to do a recap with screencaps.

From this episode onwards, I will be addressing the character Doctor’s Son (or Doctor) as his real character name, Shi Hyun. There are a lot of nicknames in this show and it might be confusing, but if you watch the show you’ll know.


Shi Hyun barges into the room where Scale is in with his son. Scale tells him that even if Shi Hyun injures his kid, he still would not give in. Shi Hyun laughs it off and argues that why would he hurt an innocent when the sinner is right in front of him. He threatens Scale that he would strip him naked in front of his kid and drags him around till he die.

Shi Hyun wants to deal with Pusan, who is the power behind Scale. Pusan brings in Mister Safari and orders him to get rid of Shi Hyun. Mister Safari used to be close with Shi Hyun’s auntie (who’s part of this organization also). However, they don’t look like they’re on good terms.

Shi Hyun leaves the hotel and Scale under Soo’s care. Soo plays card with the other ‘lackeys’ until his lover calls him to meet her in a room. He leaves the room.

Inside the car, Shi Hyun notices a cell phone not belonging to him. He picks it up and it rings – Mister Safari greets him and Shi Hyun doesn’t look that pleased. Mister Safari tells him to let Scale go – to which Shi Hyun refused. Mister Safari says, “Then Die.”

Shi Hyun suspects something amiss, and decides to turn back the car. Soo enters the room his lover calls him up to, and is stabbed by Meth Kim. His lover is stabbed too after Soo is taken down.

Shi Hyun’s car met with an accident on the way back and he drives off in a police car which stopped by to inspect the accident. He arrives at the hospital to find Scale and Meth Kim gone. Soo is badly injured. He leaves Soo’s lover in the room and brought Soo to the hospital.

Scale goes back to his house, where Mister Safari soon arrives at and orders Scale to turn himself in as a bait to get Shi Hyun. Scale calls out Hyeong Min and turns himself in.

Hyeong Min is aware that Scale is doing this because of someone’s order.

Shi Hyun brings Soo to a hotel as it’s safer.

Mister Safari meets up with Shi Hyun’s auntie and tells her that they want him dead. Auntie tells him not to touch Shi Hyun. Shi Hyun arrives and auntie tells Safari to get lost.

Shi Hyun drinks with Auntie and asks her suspiciously about Safari. Auntie insist that they’ve cut off contacts and Shi Hyun breaks the glass cup against the table, saying that he’ll never forgive the person who injured Soo.

Hyeong Min interrogates Scale – who insist that Shi Hyun is behind everything. Scale tells Hyeong Min to ask Park Choong Mo who’s in the custody of the prosecutors. Within seconds, Hyeong Min receives a call from the director saying that Park Choong Mo has committed suicide.

Hyeong Min meets up with his prosecutor dad and asks him why he never catch Scale. His father refused to tell him the answer until he’s not a police. Hyeong Min gets angry and brings up about his brother, whom the father blames that it’s his own fault. It turns out that his brother had an overdose of drug.

Mister Safari plans to lay a trap to get both Shi Hyun and his Auntie. He gets this girl (Kim Eun Soo) to pretend to be Scale’s lover and turn herself in, saying that Shi Hyun wants to meet her. He gets this other guy (“Tooth”) to make a fake deal with Auntie.

Tooth meets up with Auntie and I’m not sure if she took the bait or not.

At the police station, Kim Eun Soo tells the police that Shi Hyun is out to get her. They plan to ambush the place at where Shi Hyun will meet up with her.

Hyeong Min has other thoughts. He goes into Scale’s room and hands him a picture, saying that he heard that Scale left some goods at his lover’s place. Scale picks up the picture and complements how pretty Eun Soo is, remembering the name that Mister Safari tells him to remember. Hyeong Min leaves the room with the picture of his girlfriend. Scale talks to Mister Safari on the phone (given by a cop on duty), and Safari realizes that Hyeong Min is aware of their trick.

Hyeong Min barges into Eun Soo’s room and screams at her to tell him who the hell gave all these orders?


I really like this drama. It’s just so awesome. It’s been a while since I last watched an action-suspense-crime or whatever genre you would call this drama.

There’s no sign on Nam Gyuri yet and I’m not complaining because the main stars of this drama is the two guys, Shi Hyun and Hyeong Min. In the next two episodes, I’m pretty sure Hyeong Min’s gf will die and things will slowly start to set it. Maybe Shi Hyun gains the ultimate power? AHAHA.

Whatever it is, I’m just so curious and I can’t wait for next week!

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3 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Heartless City Episode 2

  1. Thank you so much for the short recap! πŸ˜€

    One thing… you’re wrong but Nam Gyuri comes right after Jung Kyung-ho as the lead. Lee Jae-yoon who plays Hyung Min is second male lead. πŸ™‚

    1. I know that Nam Gyuri is one of the main characters, and the female lead. It’s just my own personal opinion that the main stars – as in the main characters who will bring the tension in the drama will be the two guys.

      I believe that Nam Gyuri will be the catalyst to either bringing Shi Hyun down or Hyung Min.

      Of course, it’s just my speculation πŸ™‚

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