Thank You To My Readers!

I’ve received a Liebster award from Ginkgohill and I’m honoured that she read my blog and would nominate me for the award. I’ve always thought that my blog was pretty simple and more of a personal level compared to those blogs which really focus on drama-land.

Just a shout out to all the readers out there, that I really appreciate your time reading and I hope you enjoy what you get.

11 brief facts:

(1) I started watching Korean dramas after the hugely popular, “My Princess”, and I got addicted since.

(2) My favourite Korean Comedian is Yoo Jae Suk.

(3) My favourite musician is FT ISLAND.

(4) I love to write, read, watch dramas & listen to music

(5) I learn to speak Chinese, Korean & Japanese all from watching dramas.

(6) I would like to travel to South Korea at least once in my life.

(7) My favourite drama genres are Sagueks and medical dramas, because they’re more complicating.

(8) I like learning different cultures because it’s interesting.

(9) I love history.

(10) Sometimes I wish I lived in the past – during those historical times where they have swordsplay and stuff. It’s just cool.

(11) I would like to watch various musicals from around the World.

Answering Ginkgohill’s questions :-


1.  How did you get into dramas (typical question but I’m always curious)?


I started watching Princess Hours because it showed in my country and it was cute. I then started watching variety show We Got Married Season 1, and I slowly started watching Korean dramas, leading to my addiction.


2.  Which Korean actor and actress would you like to meet in person?
I have a lot of favourites because there is just so much talent down there. I love the child actors/actress, the teenagers, the adults, even the veterans. Meeting anybody is fine – but I really want to see comedian Yoo Jae Suk live in person.
3.  What’s your opinion of Kpop?  Any favorites?
I used to be addicted to kpop, but right now, I don’t have much time to be updated with the latest songs. I just keep myself updated about my favourite band, which is FT ISLAND and any good songs which comes by.
4.  Can you recommend to me a healthy food/dish that you like (preferably non-Korean since I eat it often ;)?
I’m not picky about food and my favourite dishes are usually unhealthy. HAHA. I do love chinese handmade noodles though.
5.  What’s one talent or skill you wish you had?
There are so many I wish for! I would like to learn Judo, Piano, Violin…etc, but there’s one I wish to learn but I don’t think it’s doable. I wish I know swordsplay. HAHAHA. I watch too many historical dramas.
I know I’m supposed to pass down this to other bloggers, but most of them already received the award from someone else. Maybe next time, I’ll give them out.
Lastly, thanks to all the readers out there, and enjoy your day 😉

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