Heartless City Recaps

Hello 🙂

It looks like Heartless City Posts are really popular at the moment – so I guess a lot of people are actually interested in the drama. Since I’m receiving quite a good response for the Heartless City posts, if I do have time, I’ll do a proper recap (with screencaps) from episode 3 onwards. Now, don’t get too excited. I’m not promising anything. If I do have time – I’ll do it.

I love the drama so much so I would love to share about it. I’m starting a new job next week so I’ll be a little busy, but Heartless City is one of my priority list right now, so chances are high.

Look forward to it 🙂

(However, if another blog does a recap for the drama, I’ll stop doing recaps and do a POV Discussion instead.)

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3 thoughts on “Heartless City Recaps

  1. I wanted to like this, but I just finished ep 2 and I’m not feeling it. It’s just so dark and serious…like just about crime solving and not enough personality for me. I dunno~

    1. Ahahaha. Well, everyone has their own preferences I guess. I’m loving it because it’s dark and serious. Lol. As for personality-wise, Shi Hyun is a pretty interesting character, but I guess I’ll have to wait and see the rest of the episodes before I can judge their characters 🙂

      Hope you find a good drama to watch 🙂

      1. Yes, well, I’m putting it on hold and might return if I see any good reviews ;D Cyrano and Birth Secret are keeping me occupied atm.

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