POV DISCUSSION: Heartless City Episode 4


Episode 4 of Heartless City is all about the emotions and revelations. There was such a HUGE SURPRISE in this episode and it gives me both the trills and maybe left me a little tiny bit upset. I’m explain more later.

Anyway, this drama is still my favourite currently airing drama right now.

So, just like what I thought, Shi Hyun and Gyung Mi (HyungMin’s Gf) were indeed close when they were younger. It looks like what-could-have-been-but-never-did. They weren’t really in love – but they wasn’t completely without feelings for each other. There was an interest – but it stopped when Shi Hyun disappeared from Gyung Mi’s life.

And the scene above made me so satisfied. Lol. It just feels amazing how your enemy is just beside you, but you have no idea.

In this episode, Hyung Min loses a lot of points. He’s irrational. He sends Soo Min as an undercover, so that she could help him find Shi Hyun. It’s so cruel of him, no matter how much he loved Gyung Mi. It’s clear that he could have let Soo Min off the hook (there was the can evidence), but he lied to her and “forced” her to make a decision.

It’s like, “I can’t do anything. It’s either you are guilty because there is no evidence, or you work undercover for me and be a police afterwards.” Either ways, she’s still ending up in jail.


We see no bad guys in this episode – which is a good thing once in a while, because viewers will get tired. Once in a while, we need some  emotional conflict, some cute, maybe some romance. Hahaha.

Anyway, I’m glad to see that Soo regards Shi Hyun as important as how Shi Hyun regards him. This relationship is going to bring us tears in the future – I bet my words on it.

So the big surprise in this episode was that Shi Hyun is actually an UNDERCOVER POLICE!

That came as such a shocker – and I don’t know whether I should be pleased or not. I mean – it’s a good thing he’s good, but…how good is good?

I like him being ‘evil’ – but I’m totally fine with him being a cop as well. It just means that there might be a happy ending? Lol. I hope so. However, I’m thinking that there won’t be a happy ending in this drama. Someone is probably going to get killed off or something and it’s going to make us tear like mad.

Anyway, we know that the commissioner is with the baddies – doesn’t that make all undercover agents invalid?! It’s going to be a lot of trouble. And the one who is aware of Shi Hyun’s identity, I’ve a feeling he’ll end up dead in one of the future episodes, so Shi Hyun is going to have another headache.

Whatever it is, the character Shi Hyun is intriguing. He’s a cop on undercover – been living like a criminal for years, and that makes him a “criminal.” He’s really into whatever he’s doing – and I’m pretty sure it will be hard for him to draw the line between being a cop and being a “criminal.”

His friendship with Soo will be shaken badly if this ever comes out. It can go two drastic ways. Either they make us cry like mad – maybe one dies, or they “break up”, or Soo turns his back on Shi Hyun – because after all, Shi Hyun ignored the pleas of Soo’s lover to save her, to save him. Whatever it is – I rather they make me cry over their bromance compared to making me sad that one will betray the other.

Anyway, that’s about it for episode 4. I’m not very curious about the sniper because it probably is either one of the baddies – or the evil cops at the top. Shall look forward to more next week 🙂




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