POV DISCUSSION: Heartless City Episode 5 & 6


Heartless City continues to be my favourite drama airing right now, followed by the others. The thing which makes Heartless City so special is because it’s different. It’s a great drama and it took so long to appear in the k-drama scene. You know sometimes there are a bunch of dramas where you would think it’s dark and full of brooding, but it never really made the mark? It’s just borderline dark.

This is what you call a “dark” drama.

Heartless City continues to give us the twist and turns at every episode, which is such a delight. For one moment, you think that’s the spy and bad guy. The very next moment, he’s dead. The bad guys continue to fight amongst themselves and the only one who survives the mess are the people at the top of the chain. Those people at the bottom will find themselves dead at any unfavourable situation.

However, with this two episodes, the drama crushed my hopes of an undying love of bromance and maybe it’s a good thing after all – because now we can focus on Shi Hyun alone and not cry over some bromance which went wrong in the drama.


Soo. Shi Hyun’s most trusted ally and his friend. Soo actually hired someone to finish off Shi Hyun’s “Auntie” in the prison – who was saved by SooMin. It’s weird because I always thought Soo would follow whatever decisions Shi Hyun made. However, we can say that it was the “Auntie”‘s fault that Shi Hyun is in a messy situation. Or somewhat similar.

Soo might be doing it for Shi Hyun – but whatever it is, if you’re doing those kind of deed behind your friend’s back, it’s nasty. So I gave up hopes of bromance immediately, because now, for sure, I bet Soo will turn his back on Shi Hyun one day.

It’s so sad because Shi Hyun still trusts him and really regards him as a friend. He found out about Soo’s instruction and told the police to delete the footage (which was unsuccessful). He told Soo not to kill any cops – as him alone doing the killing is enough.

The upcoming episode I guess will bring in a conflict between Soo and Shi Hyun – and it might just be the first trigger before their “fight”. Of course, it’s all my assumptions – but that’s where the fun lies. What we expect – and what the drama gives. It never matches so far. HAHAHA.

As for Nam Gyuri, I think she will start to fall in love with Shi Hyun, because honestly even for a ‘bad guy’, Shi Hyun is actually nice towards the people he care about. He doesn’t want the people he care about to get hurt and he will try to protect them. Nam Gyuri’s probably going to have a big headache in the future. She’s starting to grow on me.

Now, all this drama needs to do is to make Hyung Min more likeable. He’s losing points each time because he’s so rash at every decision and everyone else in the drama is rational. He’s like the only irrational cop around. We need to see him in a more positive light instead of just an obsessed lover trying to kill every bad guy on Earth.



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