Drop-By Note: Nail Shop Paris Episode 7 & 8


I’m back with a Drop-By Note for Nail Shop Paris Episode 7 & 8. I’ve stopped doing recaps for this because the drama seems so ridiculous and messy despite me liking a few things about the show. Now after 6 episodes of ‘nothing’, Episode 7 & 8 moves a step forward with the characters.

We finally see what we wanted to see and the fact that this drama is ending soon just makes me think about how ridiculous it is to wait 7 episodes to give us some goodies about the characters. Like I’ve mentioned before, a normal drama is fine but for short drama – it’s just weird.

This drama has lost way too many points with me, but I’m just sticking along because I want to see who Yeo Joo ends up with. I’m voting for Kay. He’s way more cute and charming compared to Alex. Alex’s character had always felt like a robot to me in the drama.

Now, I’m not going to talk much. Just drop a few screenshots which makes Episode 7 & 8 worthwhile.



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