POV DISCUSSION: Heartless City Episode 7

This episode’s pace felt a little slower than the earlier episodes. It’s not a bad thing to slow down once in a while, but I just need a bit of time to adjust myself. This episode focused more on SooMin’s development.

Firstly, this episode was my least favourite episode. I’ve loved each and every episode, but this episode was short on something – but don’t get me wrong. I still love the show.

It’s weird how the story tries to bring SooMin and Shi Hyun together. The first few episodes was fine – but in this episode SooMin acts all friendly with Shi Hyun and Shi Hyun doesn’t push her away which was weird for their characters. As far as the characters are concerned, Shi Hyun shouldn’t be treating her all nice (okay, maybe he’s not nice, but he let’s her do what she wants.) As for SooMin’s side…hmmmm. It’s hard to describe her character (or personality) in the story – she has not yet have a firm foothold in the drama as of now.

And it’s weird that Jin Sook (Shi Hyun’s Auntie) accepts SooMin so easily. Eventhough SooMin saved her life – isn’t she way to easy to deal with for a big name in the drug organization?

That being put aside, Soo and Shi Hyun finally argue and it looks like this bromance will not last long. I was hoping to see a moving bromance though. Sad. Hey, but maybe the drama will give us a better bromance? Maybe Hyung Min & Shi Hyun will display a bromance down the road? AHAHAHA.

However, I am still happy that SooMin is finally in the picture for bigger things. It’s even more fun that her first task is to make Hyung Min fall for her. It will be super awkward but so much fun for us to see 🙂

I always thought that SooMin has a crush for Hyung Min, because somehow it feels that way. We have to wait and see I guess.

So to sum things up, there are few things I was bothered with, but nonetheless, it was still a good episode. However, I do hope that the drug organization side quickly wrap things up and make Shi Hyun one of the more powerful people in the organization. I think it’s about time Shi Hyun takes over the drug organization.

Till the next episode 🙂 See you!

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