POV DISCUSSION: Heartless City Episode 8

If Episode 7 was one step backwards, this episode takes 2 steps forward. I’m so pleased with this drama and I pray everyday it will be awesome till the very last episode.

The pace picks up again in this episode and there were quite a few things going on, which made me happy. This episode was so satisfying.  Now lets talk about it.

We have Soo and Jin Sook finally facing off and Shi Hyun is being caught in the middle. We can’t really pinpoint who’s in the right and who’s in the wrong – because Soo just wants revenge as Jin Sook ‘betrayed’ them first, and Jin Sook wants Shi Hyun to be safe. I really feel bad for Shi Hyun because the boy’s got too many things to think about.

He’s got to think about how to overcome his current crisis, as well as think about how to keep Jin Sook and Soo safe as these two people are very dear to him. Not to mention the fact that his real identity clashes with all of those. He’s tired and worn out and all he wants is all of these to stop – so in this Episode he goes down and tells Safari to end everything.

I don’t know about episode 9, but I think Shi Hyun will probably pick himself up and fight Safari or maybe Safari ends up not killing Shi Hyun.

It’s sad to see Shi Hyun, Safari and Jin Sook relationship reaching a state which none of them would have thought of. I wonder what made them like this?

As for Soo, okay, maybe he’s still on Shi Hyun’s side as he didn’t kill Jin Sook on the account of Shi Hyun. As for Jin Sook, I think she has some special feelings for Shi Hyun. I don’t know if it’s love – but maybe she really cares for him. Maybe not as a lover – but a family or just someone special. Shi Hyun also cares for her – but most probably as family.

As for Hyung Min and SooMin, I think Hyung Min will slowly start to feel guilty sending SooMin undercover. He probably realises what SooMin would have to go through and he’ll probably try to protect her in the later episodes. That’s when he will fall for her. Of course it’s just speculation – but no harm right? HAHAH.

Anyway, this episode was good because we see a lot of emotions from various characters – Shi Hyun being tired from all of these, Jin Sook who isn’t staying in the dark world for her own benefit, Safari who still have feelings for Shi Hyun and Jin Sook, Hyung Min who realizes how dangerous is the mission for Soo Min.

I can’t wait for the next episode!!! The preview shows some hot interaction between Shi Hyun and Soo Min 🙂

Is the game going to start ^^ ?

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