POV DISCUSSION: Heartless City Ep 13-14

This week’s episodes of Heartless City continues being as awesome as it’s previous episodes and it’s probably bringing us to better places, with better tension each time.

It irritates me that Pusan is so difficult to catch – but that is what makes it fun as well. For all we know, there might be another bigger baddie.

I loved these two episodes, because it shows us a lot of growth of the characters Shi Hyun & Ji Hyung Min. It was so cool when Shi Hyun actually called Ji Hyung Min. Hahaha. Shi Hyun is probably aware that Soo Min is an undercover cop – or at least he knows that she has some connection with Ji Hyung Min.

However, the highlight of these two episodes is actually when Shi Hyun finds out that her mother was also part of a drug organisation and that he was the one who ‘delivered’ the drugs to her. He also finds out that the police who sent him as an undercover had been lying or at least hiding stuff from him.

And it looks like Shi Hyun is now officially on the bad side, which is actually a great thing in my opinion. At the end of ep 14, it looks like he’s given up being a police and it looks like he’s going to exact revenge from Pusan as well as anyone who gets in his way. That will be an interesting turn – because it will heighten the tension between Ji Hyung Min and him.

As for Soo Min, hmmm. It’s great that the show is trying to make their love difficult – but I still can’t accept the fact that their love is so abruptly done. However, I’ll try my best to forget about that and just concentrate on the current episodes.

In the later episodes, I hope they do pay more attention to the loveline of Shi Hyun and Soo Min, because that is supposed to be the main centre of this drama, isn’t it? It doesn’t make sense that they hardly meet up or make interactions but love each other so much. It’s just…yeah. I get it if they have mutual attraction for each other – but to show that they love each other, the drama needs to put in a little more effort in that.

Of course, I still expect the drama to maintain the current tension, or if even better, create more tension. The best thing about this drama is the tension and how we never know how things will turn out till the end.

Anyway, this drama is setting a pretty high benchmark and I’ll probably never look at another crime-police drama the same again. Any other dramas should at least create this kind of tension and level of interest. I don’t expect a 100% perfect drama. In “Time between Dog & Wolf”, the story was good, the tension was good – but they paid too much attention to the love line. It was good though.

In this drama, the tension is on another whole new level but the romance part is pretty mediocre. However, I don’t know for you guys, but I’d prefer dark tension over romance any time. So I’ll stop complaining about Soo Min and Shi Hyun’s loveline and just sit back and enjoy the tension.

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