POV DISCUSSION: I Hear Your Voice Ep 11


This drama continues to tug at my heartstrings and we all know that Lee Jong Suk’s popularity will continue to reach a new height. He’s being so awesome in this drama as Park Soo Ha and I can only say this guy is on a roll.

Firstly, I would love to thank the people behind this drama, because they made this noona-love possible. They might not end up together, but hey, at least we get to see both of them sharing an affection for each other. We even got a bonus kiss scene 🙂 Somehow, I have a feeling that they won’t be together in the end and that she’ll probably end up with Lawyer Cha. However, I have no complains because both guys are awesome characters – and the drama made me love both guys, so I don’t mind who she ends up with. It will be a sweet bonus if she does end up with Park Soo Ha though.

For now, Park Soo Ha is declared innocent – but the coming episodes will be another battle as Min Jong Gook is determined to put Soo Ha behind bars. I guess he’s that desperate because with Soo Ha around, he couldn’t harm Lawyer Jang. What I’m more curious about is Do Hyun’s father. He’s clearly bothered by Min Jong Gook’s cellmate – and I highly suspect that he might have something to do with the murder himself and framed the cellmate instead.

For now, let’s enjoy some sweet exchanges between Park Soo Ha and Lawyer Jang 🙂


Awwwwww. We know you care for him 🙂


Our poor Soo Ha is lost after Lawyer Jang left him at the cafe alone.



But we all know, Lawyer Jang will never leave Park Soo Ha on his own. We won’t do that too :p




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