POV DISCUSSION: I Hear Your Voice Ep 12


This episode was AWESOME!!! *screams and rolls on the floor*

Park Soo Ha finally recovers his memory, and things are put back in the original position where we left off. Min Jong Gook is now a wanted person and Park Soo Ha clears his name. However, of course things are not so simple as before.

Park Soo Ha gains back his ability to read others’ thoughts and he probably knows that Lawyer Jang cares for him deeply. However, he’s probably going to feel bad towards both her and Min Jong Gook.

This episode took a really huge step forward because there were a lot of characters’ development. We got to see Do Hyun’s sincerity in being a prosecutor and that she’s really not an evil wretch. Now, it’s starting to be cute when I see these two ladies together.

We also discovered the reason behind Min Jong Gook’s hatred and murder – however that doesn’t justifies him from being a murderer himself. We do, however, see that he does feel a sense of guilt towards Lawyer Jang’s mother. After all, she treated him well. He was also considering giving up revenge, but of course, he doesn’t and plans to go all out.

Putting that aside, I feel sort of bad towards Lawyer Cha, because he is clearly aware that Lawyer Jang cares for Soo Ha a lot. In this episode, he also felt appalled at his own behaviour towards Soo Ha.

I hope that this drama stays this awesome till the end, because this drama is probably going to stick in my memory and heart for a long time.




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