POV DISCUSSION: I Hear Your Voice Ep 13 & 14

This drama continues to make me feel all giddy and excited. I really want to hug and give kisses to the people behind this drama. This drama is so awesome I want to cry tears of joy.

Ep 13 & 14 continues to develop the relationships between the main characters, and I’m so amazed at how wonderful this drama does everything. When I started this drama, I had secretly hoped that Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young would fall in love, but I never had thought that the drama would make that come through. I was so confident that they’ll just make it a one-sided love. However, the drama throw in surprises, when I didn’t ask for them and it makes me giddy and excited. Lol.

Lawyer Jang confesses her feelings to Park Soo Ha, in the most casual way ever and Park Soo Ha’s reaction was so adorable. I feel bad for Lawyer Cha, but I still think that he and Lawyer Jang will end up together. I’m not sure how to put this across, but it feels as though Lawyer Jang & Lawyer Cha will still end up together. This precious moment of Lawyer Jang & Park Soo Ha seems like too sweet of a dream. However, I’m so thankful they made this dream come true. Now, no matter who gets the girl, I’m just happy because both guys are awesome.

The most awesome thing about this show is that it explores the characters mind. Park Soo Ha might seems mature and reliable, but at times, he is still a teenager. He realises that when Lawyer Cha actually told him to keep the truth from Lawyer Jang. He thought that Lawyer Cha would use that against him, but he realises that Lawyer Cha would never do such a thing, because like him, Lawyer Cha would want to protect Lawyer Jang.

The drama also continues to make Hye Sung grow. She stumbles across Do Hyun’s birth secret and actually thinks of Do Hyun’s feeling first. She no longer wants to try to get her down.

Of course, it continues to amaze me at how this drama makes Park Soo Ha character so amazing. It feels great to be able to explore his mind and his ability. It must be terribly lonely for him, because he can see and hear what none of us can, and he gets rejected for that very reason. It makes him extra sensitive and he gets hurt constantly by it. Even though it doesn’t involve him, by hearing others’ thoughts, he could see the ugly side of this world.

The ending part of ep 14 was so awesome when Soo Ha actually narrates that mostly lies are the ones that bring peace in people’s relationship, which I find it very true, sadly. The people behind this show is freaking awesome.

Now, I’ll just sit back and enjoy whatever’s to come.

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4 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: I Hear Your Voice Ep 13 & 14

  1. I love this drama alot too! You still think lawyer cha & HS will end up together?? I used to think that, but not anymore 🙂 but like you, i like both cha & SH as characters. in fact i like all the characters in the show! even the bad guy is well-written and not just an empty shell.

    1. Because logically, it will be difficult for both of them to end up together. Of course, i would love that, but it feels like she might end
      up with lawyer cha as well, which is okay too. And yup, the characters inside are very well written!

      1. i hv a feeling there will be a time skip to make SH grow older. but anyways, it doesn’t really matter to me. am just eager to see how the whole drama ties up all the threads!

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