POV DISCUSSION: Goddess of Marriage Ep 1-8

I’ve been wanting to write up a first impression post on this drama, but hardly had time. It’s good that I have some free time this week so I decided to write up about my views regarding the show.

The drama mainly revolves around 4 couples who are in different stages of their relationship. It’s a similar concept to “Can We Get Married” but in terms of story-telling, flow and everything else, is all different.

I don’t know if I can say I like this drama yet, but I don’t hate it for now. I’ve watched up till the latest episode, and I don’t really find any major problems about it yet. I would say the main characters story is a little bit interesting and it’s not the fun part yet.

Nam Sang Mi plays Song Ji Hye, a writer who is engaged with Kang Tae Wook, played by Kim Ji Hoon. Their relationship is off such that Tae Wook solely loves her, but Ji Hye is just going along with his feelings. Tae Wook has an over-bearing personality, and can be seen as obsessive at times. I even doubt if he really loves her or is he just obsessed with her. However, story wise, it might be interesting to have such a character.

Song Ji Hye meets Kim Hyun Woo, played by Lee Sang Woo, on her trip to Jeju and they had a great time together. She was blown away by Hyun Woo who was considerate of her feelings and she felt that she could have a proper conversation with him.

So basically, Song Ji Hye clearly has fallen for Hyun Woo and is divided at what decision she should make. By rights, she had actually decided to break off with Tae Wook, but like I’ve mentioned, Tae Wook can be over-bearing. Hyun Woo who is aware that Ji Hye has a fiancé, initially wanted to grab hold of her, but decided not to so that the people around them won’t get hurt.

However, feelings can be scary.

If I were to compare this to “Can We Get Married”, I would choose CWGM for so many other reasons, but I’m not saying this drama is bad. It’s okay, but not particularly striking or particularly bad. It’s watchable. I’m watching it because I like the people in it and I think it might just get interesting if I hang out a little bit more.

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