Dating Agency Cyrano Finale :)

Dating Agency Cyrano was a fun-filled ride and it was a lot of fun. The only thing I thought was lacking was that the main character’s story was pushed all the way to the back and it seemed a little too rushed. I wished we had more time to nurture the love story between them. And honestly, I preferred Chunhee.

I loved how the drama had little stories in them, all which is nice and fun. It’s sad that the main couple’s story was a little too bland and lame to me. Seriously? Kidnapping by a mad man? Hmmmmmmmm.

However, it was still okay 🙂 I’ll forgive that part since the rest of the drama was good. Overall, it was a pretty good drama adaption of the movie and I don’t really have much to complain. If I were to compliment some people, I would compliment Chunhee, Sooyoung, Taemin & Jo Yoon Woo.

Sooyoung is probably the best actress in SNSD itself and I think she could go far with acting 🙂 However to me, the main spotlight is on Chunhee and Jo Yoon Woo. Chunhee’s role in this drama was really cool, and I really adore him to bits. Jo Yoon Woo is also such a cutie as Ah Rang and I swear he is just so adorable.

Anyway, that’s one show off my watching list 🙂

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