POV DISCUSSION: Empire of Gold Ep 1-8

So, I’ve watched all 8 episodes and I still think that the story is a little too draggy. It focuses too much on the fights between the three party – or rather more than that actually. Betrayals, wins & loses – I’m getting sick of it at episode 8 and there is still more to go.

I wish they quickly wrap up all these fights for now and rest for at least 4 episodes, if not 2. For a 24-episode drama, having 8 episodes all about tossing power here and there – it feels like a major hide and seek, but you’ll never know who wins the final game. It’s irritating.

Since the first episode showed us Tae Joo (Go Soo) killing a man and asking Sul Hee to take the blame for it, I want to quickly know how did he get there and why did she become the guy’s woman instead. He also got married after that with, Seo Yoon (Lee Yo Won).

I could roughly guess how he got there – probably Min Jae betrayed him and he is left with no choice but to marry Seo Yoon. However, we need to get there as fast as possible.

I appreciate the time the drama took to create a bond between the characters – but that could have been done much faster, I believe if not for some ridiculous fights here and there. Just get rid of whoever’s unnecessary to the drama plot and get the story moving.

Anyway, acting wise – I don’t have much comments but I really like Lee Hyun Jin, who plays Choi Sung Jae, Seo Yoon’s brother (not blood related). He’s the character I love most in the drama for now. I like Tae Joo’s character too, but like I’ve said, I’m irritated with the slow plot.

This is out of the topic, but I really wish Lee Hyun Jin gets a good lead role. He’s been around for quite a while, and his acting is pretty good. He’s young and good looking too. I don’t know why dramaworld never makes him a leading man. I feel so sad for him! Can someone give this dude a leading role or at least a role that will shoot him to fame? He deserves that much.

To end things, let’s just hope the drama picks up the face and tell me why did Tae Joo and Sul Hee end up that way and why did he marry Seo Yoon and when will he start to fall for her. Don’t make me wait till the second half of the show to give me some answers.

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