POV DISCUSSION: I Hear Your Voice Ep 15 & 16


This week’s two episodes focuses the limelight on Do Yeon, and I gladly appreciate it. The best thing about this drama is that every character is written with depth and we can relate to each and every character. It’s not an easy feat and I give thumbs up to the writer (Park Hye Ryun) behind this awesome drama. I swear it’s one of the best dramas I’ve ever seen in k-drama history, and will remain as one of the best.

It kind of surprises me that the writer behind this drama is Park Hye Ryun who has written other works such as Dream High, Get Karl, Oh Soo Jung, etc. Those dramas are good – but there were still some issues I had with it, but this drama, this drama is freaking awesome I feel like hugging everyone in the production team. There’s nothing to hate at all – of course we still have the ending which could still turn 360 degrees my opinion – but I have faith that they won’t churn out a stupid ending.

Now that we’re finally reaching the end of this breathtaking awesome drama, I wonder what kind of ending will the writer give us? I’ve always thought that Lawyer Jang will end up with Lawyer Cha because that was how the show was being promoted at first. They were meant to be lovers and Park Soo Ha was someone who could hear the thoughts of others.

At that point of time, I knew that the main character of the drama itself was Park Soo Ha, but I had no idea they’ll pair up Park Soo Ha with Lawyer Jang. That was why, every time they brought these two together, I felt butterflies in my stomach and got so excited. It was so satisfying. However, realistically, I thought they wouldn’t end up together and that Lawyer Jang will eventually be with Lawyer Cha. However, now I’m not so sure any more. There is a lot of possibilities lying around and it leaves me so anxious.

Now back to the story. Both episodes shine the spotlight on Do Yeon who finds out that her biological father is someone else, and that she has to help Lawyer Jang so that he could get a ‘innocent’ verdict. Obviously, she couldn’t come to terms with it easily, but she did it so awesomely.


Park Soo Ha was angry at first at how Do Yeon slapped Lawyer Jang, however, when he reads Do yeon’s thoughts, he realized that Do Yeon was just like him. She was having a difficult time accepting the fact that her father did something so horrible. He lets her leave and stops Lawyer Jang from chasing after her.


Back at home, Lawyer Jang says that Do Yeon will eventually side with her father and keep silent. Park Soo Ha tries to argue that after all, he is her father, to which Lawyer Jang says that no matter what, if she keeps silent, it means that she is the same person as her father. Park Soo Ha was upset at Lawyer Jang’s reaction because he is in the same situation as Do Yeon.


Anyway, Do Yeon questions her father at the trial and goes to the bathroom during a break. Lawyer Jang saw Soo Ha and mentions how cold Do Yeon is, to which Soo Ha disagree. Soo Ha asks Lawyer Jang to take a look at Do Yeon and she finds herself a sight that Do Yeon was crying so sadly asking for help.


Anyway, so Do Yeon’s dad got himself an innocent verdict, and Do Yeon visits him at the hospital and calls him father, which is so sweet 🙂 This is so awesome because it makes you wonder – this drama solved a “birth secret” in 2 episodes and it was done so awesomely, but some other dramas take forever. HAHA.


Now, let’s focus back the limelight on our couple. Park Soo Ha gets a sweet dream which turns into a nightmare – and it was a bad omen. 2122

So Lawyer Jang finds out the truth about Park Soo Ha’s father and she gets kidnapped by Min Jong Gook. 242526

How shocking must it have been for Park Soo Ha, who simply thought that Lawyer Jang had disappeared because she found out the truth, but was actually kidnapped by Min Jong Gook.

The last scene narrates, that she was kidnapped, and two and a half hours later, their 11 years story in the making came to an end. WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT MEAN?!

It gives me a bad vibe that they will not end up together 😦 Though I was prepared for it – but I don’t want any of them to die or be apart due to such reasons like “your father caused all these”, etc.

I still don’t get the full picture about Park Soo Ha’s dad & Min Jong Gook’s wife – but whatever it is, I don’t think Lawyer Jang will blame Park Soo Ha for it. She probably knows how much he’s hurting and she loves him, so I don’t think she’ll hate him.

There might be a few possibilities, either Lawyer Jang dies, or Park Soo Ha or maybe even Lawyer Cha (though I find it unlikely). Or they might end up together, or not. There might be a time jump. I don’t know what the ending will be like, and it’s driving me nuts because I really want them to be together now. Badly.

please drama writer and producers *prays* hear our pleas *no one dies* *please*



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