POV DISCUSSION: I Hear Your Voice Ep 17

This is the second last episode, and I thought of making a separate post all together for this episode and the finale. This episode was rather slow and the first 30 mins was divided into two portions  – one of which, how Hye Sung got kidnapped, and the other portion they repeated scenes in Ep 16, plenty of them.

Honestly I was irritated at the excessive repeated scenes, but I do understand the drama had a two-episode extension, so I guess they needed to fill in some slots. The whole episode itself was about the kidnapping and nothing much else happened, until the last minute. It was probably the ‘slowest’ episode in all of it’s run, but I’m not saying it’s bad. It’s okay with me actually because they tied up the Min Jong Gook issue pretty nicely.

I’m glad that Min Jong Gook didn’t kill Hye Sung or Soo Ha, and it proves that he’s not just a madman on a killing spree. He made a bad decision 11 years ago, and honestly speaking, anyone could have done the same thing he did. Park Soo Ha was lucky, because Hye Sung was always there for him.

The last minute of the episode makes me wonder..uh oh…looks like another storm will hit our couple.

Now, what awaits us in the grand finale?

In the next episode, they’re probably going to find out that Hye Sung wasn’t stabbed by Min Jong Gook, but by Park Soo Ha back then, and my poor Soo Ha is probably going to be prosecuted. I wonder how the last episode will play out, but my rough guess is that probably both Min Jong Gook and Soo Ha will be in the courtroom and maybe the public defenders will fight for their sentences.

I saw a spoiler picture on the internet by accident, so I’m not that tense actually about the ending. I’ll all ready for the last episode, and I’ll be so sad to see this drama end 😦

Now, let’s prepare our hearts to say goodbye to the awesome drama I Hear Your Voice 🙂

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