The Final Stretch: I Hear Your Voice Ep 18


We have come to the end of I Hear Your Voice, and I felt so satisfied. This drama was really so much fun and I loved it to bits. I loved the ending, and how the drama tied up all loose ends.

Overall, I Hear Your Voice had really good characters, and their characters grow as the episodes run. It’s great to see characters with different sides to them, and not just 2-dimensional. The characters felt real and was easy to relate to.

The best thing about this drama is that they gave us plenty of kiss scenes. LOL. It’s not that I’m perverted or something – but because I thought the drama would be more reserved with scenes like this because of the age-gap. However, they gave us a lot of flirting and cute exchanges, which was much to my delight. Haha.

Anyway, I don’t have much to comment on – I simply loved the drama. Of course, there are a few minor things which bothered me, but it’s nothing which will make my love for the drama any lesser.


And what more great news after such a nice show wraps up – Lee Bo Young is finally getting married to Ji Sung. I’m a fangirl of Ji Sung and I’m so happy to see this pretty couple get married. They’ll make such pretty babies! 🙂

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