POV DISCUSSION: Heartless City Finale

I’ve finished up Heartless City and let’s share our thoughts on the ending.

Overall, I really liked Heartless City for it’s dark theme. It created a whole new benchmark for bad-ass dramas and I’m never looking at a crime drama the same again until they reach the same standard.

Honestly, I preferred the first half of the drama where there was a lot of surprises and twists & turns. The later episodes felt like they were trying to squeeze Soo Min into the storyline.

The only problem I had with Heartless City was that I wished they had marketed the drama differently. Instead of saying it is a drama about a girl who becomes undercover to kill the man that killed her sister and fell in love with him, they should have made Doctor’s Son the main plot. Honestly, the star and main of the drama is Shi Hyun himself, and I actually like that fact.

Soo Min was the character I actually hate most in the drama (not my personal dislike for her). Her character was pretty much useless and she had only episode where she had to show her despair that the man she loved was possibly the killer. Helloooo – isn’t that supposed to be the main plot since you marketed it that way? I’ve forgiven the writer or whoever for this flaw of the drama – but I’m sort of thankful because I really think Nam Gyuri will not be able to display those emotions and acting. Besides the drama is way off better being dark instead of lovey dovey.

Anyway, it was a sad ending because Shi Hyun died, Soo died and Safari died. I never expected Shi Hyun to be alive when I started the drama, so the death wasn’t that much of a shocker to me. I just felt that more could have been done to deliver a slightly more impact-ful ending.

Jung Kyung Ho was perfect in his portrayal of Doctor’s Son. I liked the moment when he actually killed off Pusan, because from that moment onwards, you know he doesn’t have any intention of being a cop again. I mean how can he even bear to be a cop again after everything which happened.

Lee Jin Sook was another one of my favourite character. I don’t know how she could have fallen in love with Shi Hyun, but I felt really bad for her. Oh well, but we know Soo had a crush on her towards the end which was really cute. I’ve always loved their love-hate relationship.

Overall, I really liked this drama and it’s probably going to remain as one of my favourite noir dramas.

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