[K-MOVIE] Secretly Greatly Review

I’ve watched Secretly Greatly, the spy movie starring Kim Soo Hyun, Park Ki Woong & Lee Hyun Woo and I didn’t know if I should do a review, but I decided to.

I thought the film was hmmmm…. okay? I liked the starting, and the fighting scenes but the main problem I had with the movie was the plot. It just felt stupid that the mission was to kill yourself and it was made a little bit overly dramatic over suicide. I just can’t relate. I know that it might be applicable in reality, but on the screens, it felt…boring?

I don’t hate the movie, in fact I liked a lot of parts of it – I just couldn’t relate to the mission and the after effect.

I loved the fighting scenes, and the comedy in it – it was light-hearted and gripping. Those fighting moves could be used in a more action packed movie with a stronger plot. How sad.

Anyway, it’s worth a watch just for the sake of the three actors and the fighting scenes between them.

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3 thoughts on “[K-MOVIE] Secretly Greatly Review

  1. Agree. first half was so funny. And the middle fight scene was cool. But ending and That mission was like WTF. O.O why they have to dead at the end. I read original webtoon. So that i was hoping they’ll change the ending. But they didnt and all dead. My god. I love the main three actor. They are so good and loved Soohyun and Hyunwoo’s bromance. Haha

  2. I totally agree? The plot is so stupid and waste of the talents of the 3 lead actors. I was going to write a review on this too when I stumbled onto your site. 😀

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