MONSTAR (Final Review)

Okay, I’ve finished watching MONSTAR a few days ago and I was deciding whether I should write up about it and I decided to just go ahead.

MONSTAR started out great for me – it was interesting and felt refreshing. However, a few episodes in and I thought I was bored to death. However, I continued watching because the drama had awesome remake of songs. Haha.

I thought they dragged the storyline of Se Yi-Seol Chan-Sunwoo a bit too long and also the Seol Chan-Sunwoo conflict. It felt redundant.

I liked the fact though that the second half focused on NaNa, because right from the start her character was interesting. It was sad though that we couldn’t see her be chased around by those two BFF. Haha. That would be fun to see.

Anyway, there were good points about the show, and parts where I thought sometimes was redundant, but overall, I really liked the songs in it and they way they get together. It was nice.

Average show – no makjang, or drama-mama, but great songs 🙂

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