This show is my new found love. It is AWESOME.

The drama is both heart-warming and filled with tension, and I love the characters. So basically Lee Junki lives his life like “trash”, but he’s not really that bad. He went to jail twice, and was ‘forced’ to because Park Ha Sun (his then girlfriend) was sort of the ‘bait’. In Park Ha Sun’s memory of course is her boyfriend actually forced her to get an abortion and abandoned her.

She clearly still have feelings for him, and still hold grudges against him. And we also can tell that Lee Junki still loves her.

Anyway, the main thing right now is that he’s caught for murder – and his ‘friends’ all lied and framed him for it. He has a rough idea who is behind everything, but no one believes him, and he’s rushing for time to save his daughter who is having surgery in two weeks.

So he’s being chased by both police and the evil guys and he still have to keep himself safe from harm so that he will be able to undergo the surgery. if he fails to get the surgery, his daughter will die.


I love how fast the drama’s pace is and how it balances itself from being filled with suspense and tension and also heart-warming.

I can safely say that this drama will be my new No. 1.

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