POV DISCUSSION: Who Are You Ep 5 & 6

Hello Hello ^^ I’ve been these days so unable to update as much as I want to 😦

Anyway, I love this drama. Lee Hyung Joon finally appears in front of Yang Si On as a ghost and I’m so excited for the next episode because I’m left wondering if Si On has already gained her memory. She probably remembered that she was there when he died, but I don’t know if she’ll remember that they were lovers.

Right now, there are two possible bad guys, one of which is Choi Moon Shik who is Cha Gun Woo’s senior friend. He hid the evidence of the person who tried to kill Si On, and I’m not sure if he’s doing it to cover someone or to find someone in the inside. And we also have Moon Heung Joo who tells Si On to let him know if she ever gains her memory.

Oh, and I’m surprised that Jang Hee Bin can really see ghosts! I thought she was just a fake shaman, but she really can see ghosts, and she’s not afraid. WOW. Her reaction when she saw Lee Hyung Joon was priceless. I think she’s going to play an important role in Si On’s life.

Cha Gun Woo has fallen for Si On, but I wonder how he’ll react if she meets her dead fiancé.

Now, bring it on next episode 🙂

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