POV DISCUSSION: Good Doctor Ep 3 & 4

Good Doctor continues being so awesome and let’s put the politics aside, I really like how Park Si On reacts when a person gives him advice or tease him.

He’s not dumb, and he feels whatever anyone would feel. However, he is unable to express that emotion like normal people would. It’s sad to see him treated as such 😦 Also we know a little bit more about Cha Yeon Soo and Kim Do Han. Cha Yeon Soo had a crush on Kim Do Han a long time back, but I’m pretty sure she’s not into him that much anymore since he has a girlfriend. I’m not sure whether Kim Do Han is aware of her feelings, but I feel like he knew all along that she liked him.

At first I thought he stayed in that department to stay close to her, but I think he stayed there because of his brother. I don’t know if it’s his real brother or not, but it looks like he had someone close to him who died, and it looks like he was sick. Maybe he was autistic too? That’s why he has a hate-love relationship with Si On.

I don’t think Kim Do Han loves Yoo Chae Kyung, because he seems so distant with her. I have a gut feeling that he liked Cha Yeon Soo all along. Oh well, but we never know. I just have to wait and see.

Oh…and I hope that girl didn’t die in Cha Yeon Soo’s hands. Maybe someone will save that kid from death. Besides all of that, it feels like Park Si On is finally starting to understand that being a doctor is not all about saving, there are much more variables involved.

Lastly, Joo Won is awesome 🙂

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