POV DISCUSSION: Two Weeks Ep 3 & 4

Alright, Two Weeks is being awesome 🙂

I love the depth of the characters, and how the drama manages to stay trilling, and have some light comedy in it. Jang Tae Sun continues to be on the run and he takes two hostages so that he was able to eat, sleep and shower. He even catches a chicken for an old granny so that he could eat. HAHA.

This week’s episode introduces to us a new killer, Prof. Kim, who is played by Song Jae Rim (Nail Shop Paris, Moon Embraces the Sun). He killed Go Man Suk and I don’t think he knew that he was the clue to the camera. I’m already attracted to his character because it looks like he will be the main obstacle to Jang Tae San’s escape. He’s always one step ahead of the police, to get Tae San.

Im Seung Woo also finds out that Seo In Hye contacted Jang Tae San, and he gets a gut feeling that Tae San is Soo Jin’s real dad. He hasn’t confronted In Hye yet. In Hye finds out that Tae Sun is on the run for murder, and she’s probably confused when Tae San called her and tell her that he’s not the killer and that he ran away so that he could save Soo Jin.

However, it looks like in the next episode, people will find out that the woman who contacted Tae San is In Hye. Park Jae Kyung is doing well in her role as a prosecutor. She’s intelligent and quick to put puzzles together. It will be sooner or later that she realized that Tae Sun is not the killer of Mi Sook, but is framed.

And it won’t take long for the baddies to track In Hye and Soo Jin, and we’ll probably get more fun there.

Let’s wait and see to see who switches side and who will help our hero to escape and stay safe till the surgery 🙂


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