Boo. The girl died at the operating table, and that is a huge blow to Cha Yoon Seo, even though she acts like it doesn’t affect her. Kim Do Han clearly is worried about her, but he shows his concern in a rough manner. Actually, for once I hope he doesn’t scream or shout around. Okay, he doesn’t really do that, but he sure bosses around a lot. Perhaps show more of a gentle side to him, like when he gave a perfume to Yoon Seo.

Park Si On is slowly learning to understand others, and we also get to see that his mother is still alive and working at their cafeteria. What? So the mother abandoned him? Alright, it’s mostly likely due to an abusive husband, death of her older son and because of Si On’s autism.

I think Joo Won is doing a great job at portraying Park Si On. He is aware of what others feel towards him, but he acts like he doesn’t care. However, we all know that it hurts. He doesn’t hesitate to call himself stupid and he blames himself rather than others, when people dislike him.

Looks like in the upcoming episode, Park Si On is sort of “thrown out”, but we all know he’ll return. Hahaha.

As for the other parts of the drama, like the politics or the step-mother and daughter pair, I don’t really care so much. All I know is that this drama will probably end sweetly. Come on….I’m right, right?

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