POV DISCUSSION: Master Sun Ep 5 & 6

Master Sun is actually starting to grow on me. At first, I was disappointed it wasn’t as creepy as the trailers was, and the ghosts turned out rather more ridiculous than scary. The actions of Gong Shil and Joong Won, are greatly exaggerated, which kind of irritates me.

However, I’m now used to the exaggerations of Gong Shil and Joong Won, and I’ll take it as a comedy effect. The rule to liking this drama, is to not have any expectations and to not take it seriously. It’s full of laughter, and full of cute, but not really on the serious side.

I actually like Kang Woo every time he is being sweet and a gentleman, and without hidden intentions. He’s a gentleman at heart, but it’s just so happens that he is also spying on Joong Won and Gong Shil. It’s cute how Yi Ryung always bumps into him, and we totally know that she will eventually fall for him. I’m all for it if these two end up together, but of course I want Kang Woo to fall in love with Gong Shil first. Hahaha. Dramas are more fun with love triangles.

I think the upcoming episodes’ ghost might be a little scary since it involves kids and dolls. Eww. I hate doll ghosts. They’re creepy. And Yi Ryung overheard Kang Woo saying that he’s spying on Joong Won and Gong Shil – I wonder how she’ll use that info. She’s not evil to me anyway, and I sort of like her character.

Oh! And when that old granny told Gong Shil to be careful because some of these ghosts are looking for a chance to return – that means our future episodes might have more tension to them and that most probably Hee Joo might possess Gong Shil’s body and try to return to the living world?

I wonder what it is and while waiting, I shall just sit back and enjoy the laughs for now. Oh. I swear the scene where Gong Shil daydreamed about her and Kang Woo getting together, and the ghosts clapping for them, was so hilarious. And of course when Joong Won offered his body for free and Gong Shil gave that pervert look. HAHAHAHA.


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