Dropping out of Empire Of Gold

Alright. I’m giving up on Empire of Gold because it’s too ridiculous to carry on. I’m not saying the drama is bad, it’s okay but seriously this drama doesn’t have a break at all. It seems like the drama only has one plot and it keeps repeating itself throughout it’s run. There’s nothing at all, besides endless fights between the people who wants power.

I like Tae Joo and Seol Hee, and I find them really cute together, but drama, why oh why won’t you ever give them at least one episode with no fights, and just sweet stuff? Every episode of EOG is filled with their struggle for power, and it is really irritating.

I know that it’s the main plot of the drama – but what happened to balance?

Oh. And did the writer forgot that the lead actress was another woman? I feel bad for Seo Yoon who have no man or family to love her. Okay, at least she has the adorable Sung Jae. If only they weren’t siblings. I’m just confused as to why Tae Joo and Seo Yoon doesn’t have a love line. I mean initially didn’t the drama state that she marries him as she was tired of the struggle for power? Wasn’t she supposed to fall for him and vice versa?

I’m sad that they have no love line, even though the characters are married. No fun at all.

It’s pointless if they start a love line now, because hello? It’s already 18 episodes, and I’ve seen the same thing since episode 1, which is everyone fighting for power and no one actually have time to spend on falling in love or enjoying love.

Now, I just hope that the Seol Hee ends up with Tae Joo, because it’s a little ridiculous if he falls in love with Seo Yoon now right? I wish they have a happy ending. The end. Just make the whole company bankrupt so no more struggle.

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