POV DISCUSSION: Good Doctor Ep 7 & 8

Park Si On goes and return 🙂

Things take a turn as Si On comes back to the hospital, with the help of the vice president who is planning something. I don’t know what he is planning which he is making both the director and Kim Do Han hesitate so much. Kim Do Han clearly knows that whatever he does is going to affect Cha’s opinion of him, but he is doing it for another reason.

It is evident that Cha means a lot to Kim Do Han, but I’m not sure why he is holding back his feelings for her, or if he doesn’t realize it himself?

I like the teenage girl – who clearly has a crush on Si On. HAHA. And I wonder what job her sister is holding because you never know with kdramas. Maybe she has a tough job and Doctor Han will save her one day. Okay- too much imagination.

Park Si On is slowly learning how to adapt at the hospital. Unlike the first time, where he forcibly took a patient to the operating room, this time, he hold on despite feeling the same anxiousness.

Did I mention how cute every time Si On hiccups around Cha? Hahaha. It seems that Cha has totally forgotten the fact that Park Si On is a guy. She’s treating him like a small kid, and hasn’t realize yet that he’s a fully grown man.

I’m fine with this drama, except the fact that I don’t really like the politics. Can’t a medical drama be without politics?

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