POV DISCUSSION: Two Weeks Ep 7 & 8

Two Weeks continue being AWESOME and I just love every bit of it. It’s amazing how this drama is so well written and flow so flawlessly.

I’m glad that they are slowly showing the little bits and pieces of In Hye and Tae San’s past, and awww, he was such an innocent guy. Park Jae Kyung continues being an awesome prosecutor and I love her character very much. She wants to catch Tae San badly for various reasons, but she also wants to protect him if possible.

Im Seung Woo will slowly believe that Tae San is innocent, and maybe he’ll join Park Jae Kyung to protect Tae San and find the camera together? Of course, develop some feelings while you’re at it. HAHAHA. I mean if Park Jae Kyung and Tae San doesn’t have a love line, these two should at least get together, right? Okay, that’s not that important actually. It’s just treats for us viewers.

Jo Seo Hee is definitely much smarter than Moon Il Suk, and Moon Il Suk is already starting to panic. Maybe he’ll exit this game sooner than we expected? I wonder who is the informer…perhaps the guy who is always around Park Jae Kyung? Or her chief?

Watching Two Weeks is so much fun, because despite being in suspense every time Tae San runs into a problem, we all know that he’s probably going to save his daughter and bad guys are going to be caught. So we don’t really have to worry about the ending. It’s all about the process on how we get there, and this drama is doing so well.

I don’t mind who In Hye ends up with, either Tae San or Seung Woo…but perhaps it will be a little considerate and let Seung Woo and In Hye marry. I mean they can get married, and Tae San can still visit his daughter, right? I just feel bad for Seung Woo if In Hye goes back to Tae San. Unless of course he develops a love line with Park Jae Kyung? HAHA.

Oh. And – interesting point. Moon Il Suk is aware of Tae San’s child but did not use the child to threaten him. WOAH. It means he’s not entirely bad. He’s bad, but not to that extent. Most probably, Jo Seo Hee is more vicious compared to him. I was taken aback when he said to his lackey that he wouldn’t use a child. However, that doesn’t mean he won’t use In Hye or that his mind won’t change.

The fact that he knows where they are, means that they are still in danger.

Now, I’ll just sit back and wait for the next episode 🙂

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