POV DISCUSSION: Who Are You Ep 9 & 10

Yaye. Si Ohn finally remembers her Oppa, and it’s so sad that they’re no longer living in the same world. Anyway, the truth behind the ship incident was revealed, and I don’t think it’s that simple, but who cares about that anyway?

I’m just wondering….why Si Ohn is so calm seeing her dead boyfriend?

I mean, logically…she witnessed him being killed and she had forgotten all about him. He’s in front of her now, dead. I just thought that there would be more surge of emotions coming from her. How could she accept it so calmly?

It’s okay anyway, not a major thing. I still love the drama and Kim Jae Wook is such a scene stealer. Hee Bin is really cool anyway, and there must be a reason why she exist in the story right? She’ll probably end up being the person who passes the message from Hyung Joon to Si Ohn.

I don’t particularly want Si Ohn and Taec to get together. It’s nice that he likes her and all that – but I just can’t see them dating. It’s just weird. They look more like brother-sister relationship. Oh well.

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