Goddess of Marriage: To stick or to let go?

I’m wondering if I should stick with Goddess of Marriage and watch it till the end or should I give it up now. There’s a lot of dramas I’m keeping my eyes on, and it’s not as if I have a lot of time, so whenever a drama doesn’t meet the mark, I usually cut it off.

I gave up Empire of Gold this week, and never got around to start Goddess of Jung Yi because of its bad reviews. I haven’t really got around to start Her Legend, which I probably would watch soon. I’ve started on King of Lan Ling, and two J-dramas, Pin to Kona and Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo and dropped J-drama Starman.

Now, I’m not sure if I should stick with GOM or let it go.

The drama has a few interesting characters, and a few nice back story, however it is still lacking. Song Ji Hye and Kim Hyun Woo are such dull characters, it irritates me to no end. It’s funny how the other characters are more interesting than the main couple.

I like the Ji Sun & Eun Hee couple. The characters are more fun to watch, and their stories are more interesting. Now that Eun Hee has left home, maybe they’ll throw in a romance? Awww. Pleaseeeee…..with a cute young guy? HAHAHA.

The Hye Jung couple is not fun at all. I get it that Hye Jung is trying her best to survive but I really dislike her character. My dislike for her is not because she’s a “villain” to Ji Hye, but her character is just errr… irritating? I don’t know why, but I just don’t like her character. She probably used to be like Ji Hye, who loves her job. However she gave up her family and her job to become a rich daughter-in-law. She probably threw away a friend too, or maybe an ex-lover? And it’s just a gut feeling that it’s probably a lover and Nam Mi Ra is perhaps his sister, thus seeking revenge on Hye Jung by having an affair with Hye Jung’s husband.

As for the main couple…I only like Kang Tae Wook. His character is the most interesting of the lot. He grew up in a dysfunctional family, yet strives for perfection in his life and work. It’s clear that he loves Ji Hye a lot and doesn’t even mind the fact that she doesn’t love him. He comes across as overbearing at times, but he also cares a lot for Ji Hye and tries to protect her from his family.

Kim Hyun Woo is such a dull character who just wonders all day long. He likes her, but doesn’t dare to steal her away so he let her go. If he already let her go, he should have at least lived a proper life instead of just stoning everyday. It would be much better if he was living a good life and wavers again if he meets her. That would have been more interesting.

Song Ji Hye’s character is also so-so. She’s stubborn in her own views and is not flexible at all. For a character like that, she should have gone against her in-laws. Wouldn’t it be more interesting if she goes against her in-laws instead of always complaining to Tae Wook? If only she shows her frustration to her in-laws instead of just to Tae Wook. It’s also annoying that she says she’s going to try her best, but is regretting her decision every moment and puts Tae Wook into an awkward position.

I just wish the other characters in the drama have more screen time and cut down the screen time of the main couple and Hye Jung couple. Unless they’re going to make the characters more bearable to watch and the stories move up a little faster, I just want to see the Eun Hee and Ji Sun couple.

I won’t give up the drama yet, but I’m not sure about the future. For now, I’ll stick around to watch Tae Wook, Ji Sun couple and Eun Hee couple 🙂

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