POV DISCUSSION: Who Are You Ep 11 & 12

Who Are You is left with 4 episodes (?) more, and it’s soon coming to an end. Somehow, it feels like I was handed a basket full of candies and I wished I had another basket, but they took away everything and left me just a few candies. Hahaha. The drama started out great for me and I really liked it. However, the more they are trying to solve the ‘mystery’ of the ‘huge’ incident, the more boring the plot gets. It’s mostly because everyone knows who the bad guys were from the start.

Oh, and Taecyeon’s limited acting is also extra obvious as the episode progresses. I have nothing against idols – it’s just that I would prefer not to have idols in dramas, or rather I’d prefer if they are not the leads/2nd leads in dramas. I’m not saying that they’re bad. Some idols are great at acting, which I welcome them any time, but some I’d rather they lay off lead roles till they improve. Taecyeon improved a lot since Dream High, but…..emotional scenes are still beyond him. When Moon Shik died, I get it that he might feel slightly uncomfortable around Si Ohn and sad, but the thing is I felt nothing at all looking at his face.

As for Si Ohn, I’m not sure if she still loves Hyung Joon or not. I know she still loves him, but it just sorts of surprises me that she was devastated only for a day (in drama time?) at the shop when she regains her memory. Only at that point of time, she called his name lovingly and cried and made me cry along. I mean, if you woke up from a coma 6 years later, finding out your boyfriend died, it should have felt just like yesterday, how could she remain so calm, right?

However, it’s nice to see that in Episode 12, there was another moment where she cried remembering Hyung Joon promised to stay by her side. That’s sweet. I wanted more moments like these, because they matter more than uncovering that mystery which is not a mystery at all.

Anyway, did I mention how I enjoyed Choi Woo Shik cameos? Hahaha. I love this guy and he’s hilarious.

Oh, and just what is Hyung Joon thinking of doing that will possibly make his soul disappear?! NOOOOOOO. The ability to help someone (touch)? The ability to talk to someone? The ability to save someone, like change her fate to die or something? Whattttt?! Hahah. Okay, that may a bit too dramatic.

Kim Jae Wook is doing an awesome job and I wish he lands a good lead role next time. I’ve always thought he’ll do great since I saw his performance in Bad Guy (which was a terrible drama. haix.) So Yi Hyun is not doing too bad as well, and I like her character. She’s playful and cheeky as well.

Now, that we’re left with roughly 4 episodes, I wish they quickly wrap up the mystery and let our couple sort out their love and heart. They never even had a chance for a love triangle…though that would be a little hard since one of them is not visible. Heh. Still. Even if no love triangle, how about more cute moments of Si Ohn and Hyung Joon? I swear they’re so cute together 🙂

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