POV DISCUSSION: Master Sun Ep 9 & 10

I am totally insane over this drama. Hahaha. As each episode progresses, I love the characters more and more. The dialogues are witty and hilarious and I just appreciate this drama for being over the top.

At the end of Episode 9, I was in a panic mode, because they brought in a fiancée, played by Seo Hyo Rim. And as dramaland knows Seo Hyo Rim always plays the arrogant other woman. Hah! Episode 10 saved my life when she was just a cameo 🙂

Kang Woo finally gives the soft toy ‘Gong Shil’ to Gong Shil, and Tae Ryung was jealous. Tae Ryung is pretty interesting herself. I like her candidness, but sometimes she can be a little mean. Kang Woo being scared out of his wits and realizing it was Tae Ryung was hilariously cute. I hope these two end up together.

Joo Won finally makes the decision to just go ahead and do whatever he pleases with Gong Shil (YEAHHHHHH!!!!), And now he’s leaving the decision on Gong Shil.

Awwww 🙂

I love it every time Joo Won tries to calculate his feelings for her, but he knows it himself that he loves her a lot. As for Cha Hee Joo mystery, maybe she does have a twin but the one who died is most likely Hee Joo. The one who is alive must be up to no good.

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