POV DISCUSSION: Two Weeks Ep 9 & 10

Oh Hell Yeah 🙂

Camera hunt is finally over and it’s in Jang Tae San’s hands! Of course, we can’t be too happy yet because it’s only the 10th episode and things might change later on.

This drama is so perfect, that I want to bow and thank all the people behind it. HAHA!!! I love the characters so much and the story and the pace and everything. This week episode had two cameos, played by Kang Ha Neul and Teentop’s Niel, which I thought was so funny – in a good way.

Now that everybody knows everybody, there’s no more secrets. You know what makes this drama more awesome than it already is? That the villain sometimes make good logical sense. Moon Il Suk mentioned to Tae San previously that there are no such things as no choices, which is relatively true, and that he’s actually right. Some dramas make their villains like some dumbass with warped logic, which is ridiculous. It’s good to have clever villains, with proper logic. Not to mention, with a little bit of heart since he didn’t make use of an innocent kid.

Anyway, it’s interesting how things may play out in the later episodes. Now that Seung Woo is aware that Tae San is the donor, he will do his best to protect him. As for Moon Il Suk and Jo Seo Hee, we never know but, maybe they’ll fight amongst themselves and end up digging their own grave.

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