POV DISCUSSION: Who Are You (TvN) Overall Impression

We’ve come to the end of TvN’s Who Are You, and I’m sure all of us has mixed feelings with the show overall. It’s weird how I really liked it at first, but my interest dipped as the drama went on.

It’s funny because when I watched Master Sun, I didn’t really liked it at first because it seemed too exaggerated and the characters are too similar to Hong Sisters previous dramas where as WAY seems more fun to watch. However, as I continued watching, my interest for Master Sun keep growing and my interest for WAY dropped a lot.

I think that WAY should have focused more on the love story and didn’t spend the second half on uncovering the secret of Hyung Joon’s death. It wasn’t a big mystery at all, and the way it was executed was really bad. They should have just spend one or two episode on that so called mystery and spend the rest of the episodes focusing more on how Si Ohn lets Hyung Joon go.

I still find it funny that Si Ohn takes it all in her stride, after finding out Hyung joon died. Naturally, anyone would be heartbroken if their lover dies. And she remembered him only after 6 years! She seemed too calm, and then sad again, and then calm again. WEIRD.

I think that casting Taecyeon was a bad choice. He’s a limited actor, and he doesn’t really share any chemistry with So Yi Hyun. So Yi Hyun had a lot of chemistry with Kim Jae Wook, most probably because Kim Jae Wook is so awesome by himself. Hah. Even though So Yi Hyun’s character was a little weak, I’ll blame that on the script as I think she’s a pretty decent actress herself.

Anyway, I’m hugely disappointed with WAY’s second half because it felt so boring and….yeah. I stuck with it for the sake of Kim Jae Wook who stole all the limelight in the drama. It would have been much better if they focused on the love triangle right?

Imagine, Si Ohn being depressed and sad after seeing Hyung Joon, and wants to stay with him like that, but he has to leave sooner or later. Cha Gun Woo tries to persuade Si Ohn to let Hyung Joon go. A heart-wrenching love story. Even thought it sounds a little makjang, it will still have been better compared to a lame solving-mystery-which-is-so-not-a-mystery.

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