Minor Updates


I’ve not been updating lately. Work is taking a lot of my time, and my free time is spend on catching up on the dramas, so I barely have time to write. Anyway, my blog is kind of in a slump right now, probably because I’m not capturing a lot of the readers attention. So, those with a little bit of free time, please drop a suggestion at my first post on my home page 🙂 I enjoy writing, but I want to know what the readers think to, so that I can improve myself.

Alright, back to the main reason why I’m here. I’ve wrapped up Two Weeks, and thought of writing a final review of it, but decided not too, because I don’t really have much time. However, I really enjoyed the drama from the start till the end! Besides that, a few dramas is also ending their run soon, and we have plentiful of dramas poppin in left and right. HAHA.

I’ve started on sitcom Potato Star, weekend dramas King’s Family and Will You Love & Give it Away. Of course, I wouldn’t miss the usually mon-tue/wed-thu drama slots as well, so I’ve also started on Secret Love (or more known as Secret, staring Ji Sung), and Suspicious Housekeeper. I’ll also be keeping a lookout for Heirs and Medical Top Team.

Oh My. Busy months ahead.

I’ve already done a short write up on Suspicious Housekeeper, so next up will be the rest which I’ve mentioned that I recently started on.

That’s all for now. Keep a lookout for my future posts, and please drop by suggestions if you’re free! You can drop suggestions like “how about catching this drama” or “how about recapping this drama” . I’ll always welcome my readers suggestions or comments 🙂


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